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How cold would you go?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) November 4th, 2011

Now that the weather is becoming cold, dank, and yucky, some people are salivating at the lips. They say how easier it is to be warm in winter than cool off in Summer. Without the benefit of all that goose down, and other man-made coat fillers would they be so happy about the cold? Anything colder than 75◦ Fahrenheit and I am not a happy camper. How cold do you like it? If you didn’t have all the heavy winter gear would you find that temperature nice, and bearable?

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Dang I live in San Diego. Anything 70 degrees and under is freaking chilly! And I love it. Most people think our town is purely just a beach town. I actually grew up in city culture. I always loved strolling through downtown in winter fashion as opposed to looking forward to shorts and tanks for the summer. I like the cold because you can focus on being warm before sleep. And I love how the air is just so crispy! Ah, how I love the winter time in the lower California regions. The air is just so gorgeous and graceful as it kisses off the Pacific and onto the land.

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26 Degrees would be perfect.

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75–77 is indeed ideal but I keep our house at 67 degrees and am quite comfy in boxers and a T.

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I am really well with – 20 Celsius degree even with wind.

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Five degrees celsius, about as cold as it gets on a Mallorquin winter morning. I have gone a whole day in short sleeves in such temperatures. My arms do turn kind of blue, but I don’t feel that cold really.

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I work outside, so I’m pretty weather acclimated. The current highs in my area are reaching 50 F or 10 C, and I’m out of my light jacket and down to a t-shirt within 5 minutes of starting work. I’ve been known to be down to a t-shirt while working down to temperatures of 26 F or -3 C. This is all assuming little to no wind though, with wind chill factored in, I obviously can’t wear so little in such temperatures.

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Around 10 to 20 degrees F isn’t too bad. Less than that I have to make adjustments.

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I am comfortable at 64 degrees. Below that, I put on underwear.

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I’m most comfortable with temps between 65 and 85. Anything cooler than 60 is cool to me. Anything below 50 is cold to me. Temps below 40 are frikkin godawful and I have to wear layers. Anything below 30 makes me stay in the house unless the kids get a snow day. I can’t tolerate cold temps; my body starts to shut down and I’m sluggish and far more pissy than usual.

My husband would love to move to Wisconsin but I keep telling him I’d never leave the house and I’d probably be dead during the first winter.

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If the temp never went above 70, or even 60, I would be very happy. Of course only as long as I have the proper clothes and can keep my house above above 50.

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Anything below 5C is a bother. I live in Norway now though, so there is no getting around the several months of below freezing weather.

Now that I have an amazing pair of seal skin boots, the below -10C is not as troublesome as it used to be. I can dress for the cold, but I can’t bring the sun back in the sky, so it is the dark that bothers me most. stupid 63* latitude. Winter bothers me because of the dark. When I get depressed and grumpy and people tell me to cheer up, I tell them, ’ I don’t have a bad attitude, I have a bad latitude.’

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We had a record amount of record low temperatures this year, so we’re well on the way to finding out. However, if man could actually control the temperature, I’d say keep it above 55 Fahrenheit.

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My entire family prefers it cool. Ideal temperature would be a 75* sunny with a gentle breeze type of day.

Indoors, we keep it about 67* year round.

Outdoors, I’m fine with below 50*...and I often go out in -10* weather with just a sweatshirt or sweater, jeans and a scarf & gloves ;)

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I am most comfortable in the mid-60s, but growing up in New England gave me the ability to not mind anything above zero.

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I like it in the 60’s with the sun shining and just a trace of a breeze. Nice for walking or cycling.

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If I’m dressed properly, I have experienced little that ever made me uncomfortable. I think the lowest I ever felt was 20 below 0 F. Without proper clothing (and what does that mean), I’m good down to around 50 with just a shirt, and down to 35 with a fall jacket, cap and biking gloves. It’s around 35 to 40 in the mornings now. I wore my leather jacket once, but that was too much. It feels like I’m acclimating fast this winter. Wind, of course, makes a difference.

But I don’t mind cold much. I do mind heat, although lately, I’ve been a little more tolerant of that. Then again, we have air conditioned places to go, and also the pool.

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Like the Norwegians say.‘Fins ikke dårlig være bare dårlig klær.’ Translated…. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing. Dressing adequately for the conditions is the majority of the challenge met.

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hell no. Anything below 65 degrees and I’m putting on a sweater. Give me heat any day. I’m comfortable at 85–90 degrees when everyone else is wilting.

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I live in Tacoma Washington where the air conditioning is free. Just open a window and the cool air comes in non-stop except for a just a few days in the summer where the temperature hits the 80 degrees F. So how low can I go? Well as long as the water outside is still liquid I’m happy to do things outside like yard work, jogging, etc. But when the temps get down into the teens (degrees F) or colder then I start crying like a baby.

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@downtide I would give you a truck load of lurve if I could. There are 10 times more ways to cool off instantly when it is hot, I mean really hot, not some wimpy 81* to 92*. I mean real heat like 101* and up, than you can figure how to thaw out once you are numb with cold.

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It’s currently 61F in our living room. I’m very comfortable.

I prefer having the chills to sweating. I really hate sweat.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I have also been in the Persian Gulf (105F during the winter) and the mainspaces on a Navy Ship (135–140F) , and trust me, there are fewer ways to cool off than you think. Then again, I grew up knowing how to thaw, or to keep from freezing in the first place…

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