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What do you like more: rain , snow or both ?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) June 1st, 2011

What do you like more ?

The way it snows and makes everything white or maybe the way it rains and you can feel and hear the raindrops or maybe the warmth of a summer rain.

Maybe you like both.

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I really like both. They both have different characteristics but are equally full of wonder (to me).

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I love ‘em both.

Just separately, not together.

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@Jeruba I agree…seperately, not together.

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I would rather choose rain. Snow time here is always crazy.

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I’m not a huge fan of either, to be honest. Snow is no fun when your husband is a plow-driver… he can be gone for days at a time, getting very little sleep. Meanwhile, I’m snowed in and stuck home, in a very poorly insulated house. The cold seeps into my bones.

Rain = gray skies, and gloomy days always make me sad. I’d be thrilled if it only ever rained while I was sleeping, and was always nice and sunny or a beautiful twilight while I’m awake.

Give me a nice blue sky with a few high, fluffy clouds, 70 degrees or so, and a light breeze and I’m happy.

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Snow. If nothing else, it doesn’t leak through my sunroof as badly :p

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I love both when they are in another state. To me life don’t even begin to start until the temp hits 89 deg. 91 to 98 deg is perfect but I can stand to go as high as 101, above that it starts to get miserable.

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I’ll take Hawaiian weather everytime..

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What sort of rain? I love a summer downpour coming out of clear blue skies, but winter drizzle is not so great.

However, I prefer snow overall as I enjoy the way it reduces everyone to a more elemental level. Watching people attempt to push/drag shopping trolleys around a snow-bound supermarket car-park shouldn’t be funny, but is.

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Snow. I love the cold. I hate being hot and perspiring.

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I haven’t experienced snow in a significant way for many, many years. Did stand in some for about 30 minutes a few years ago but apart from that, no snow and I would love to wake up in the morning and look out and see a white garden. In saying that, I do remember getting home from a night out and it was snowing and I was so freezing I could hardly get the key in the door.
I love the rain too though. I think both are beautiful and special.

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I do like both.

Snow is more rare. I hate it when it gets all black though. But I love walking through it, seeing it falling, seeing a pristine expanse of white.

I love the cozy feeling of reading in bed when it’s raining outside. I love the majesty of thunder storms. I love the really hard, pounding rain and the gentle showers,

I love a misty, drizzly morning in the Pacific Northwest.

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If I had to choose, I’d choose rain. You don’t have to shovel it, and it’s easier to drive in.

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No snow, too cold! But I do like being out in the rain sometimes (if it’s warm), and I like watching thunderstorms.

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Now that we no longer have to shovel it, I have fond memories of snow. The hush of new snow muffling the sounds of the city is magical. I remember 6 foot snow drifts when I was only 3 feet tall. Coming in from the snow to have hot chocolate or chili was part of it too.

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I love summer rain. I especially love the smell of summer rain falling on hot concrete.

There is nothing about snow that I like. :(

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All depends on what my immediate ecosystem needs. Rain is good for watering the plants, but snow is really good for refilling underground aquifers because it melts slowly.

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… I’m from Alaska, dear.
We have snow for eight months of the year, and rain for most of the summer.
I have to learn to love them both…
Although today I will go with Rain, because it got me out of having to go anywhere. :D:D:D

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I like rain and I like snow, it is the in between slush and sleet that I hate and which is very common here in Scotland.

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I love a good summer thunder storm, makes you want to jump into your lovers arms……

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Both, so long as there isn’t that wind that tears through you come with it.

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@flutherother I would sell my soul to be in Scotland right now.

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@Leanne1986 Be careful what you wish for. The weather here has been cold wet and windy. Here’s hoping for a better June!

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Summer rain, there is nothing like it, when its been hot and then the rain falls. I love it, and the smell in the grass and trees after.

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I hate snow, but I love a nice evening or 3 am shower, so I don’t have to water my lawn and flowers.

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Both, but for different reasons. I think I like rain more though. I like snow because it’s so pretty but I’m very sensitive to the cold. I like the rain because it’s pretty, it feels nice, it sounds nice, and it makes everything seem more fresh.

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Both. Rain is refreshing and revitialising. Snow is beautiful and crisp.

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I’ll take rain any day. I think the snow looks cool and all that, but I hate the bitter cold that goes along with it.

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I love snow, and the peace it brings, even during the most fiercest of storms. There’s just some fucked up shit about snow that’s all magical…although I do get pretty sick of it in the end of January.

Rain is awesome too, especially massive downpours. I love heavy rain on weekend mornings, when I’m in bed, and I hear it fall.

Being in ti sucks though.

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@Symbeline Atleast you can make snowmen out of it. ;)

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Anatomically correct snow people!

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@Symbeline Well of course. That way the snowmen have the option of peeing in someones butt. ;)

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@Only138 Lmao XD Nice lol XD

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I like them both but I think I like the snow a little more. I love the cold weather and I like the way everything looks under a nice blanket of snow.

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Misty rain or a very light snow

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Thanks for replies ^^

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