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Is Carlos Mencia famous?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) May 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I have the presale password to get tickets first in his Austin Texas show, I want to buy and sell them, is it worth?

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well…i don’t know him ;)

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LOL me neither!!

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he has a show on Comedy Central…mind of mencia. i have never watched it, but I know it is there…he also does some Bud Lite commercials where he tries to teach foreigners how to speak english by teaching them to buy beer and hit on women. i think his act is mostly about being latino and complaining about it or complaining about other latinos. so, if you are into that, go for it.

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Carlos who??

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Hes a crappy comedian that steals a good majority of his stuff from other comedians. Strangely enough people do like him though. The whole dur dur dur thing is him. I honestly dont think hes funny at all just plain stupid.

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I saw him a couple of months ago in Baghdad. He’s actually pretty funny. His material centers around racism in general. Not just latinos.

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Umm, if you know about him, have watched one of his shows and dont hate people who make fun of anyone THEN I would buy the tickets.

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Carlos Mencia isn’t funny (which is odd, since he steals so much of his stuff from funny people).

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Yeah, he’s hilarious if you think plagiarism is funny.

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Who has he plagiarized?

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George Lopez, Bobby Lee, Bill Cosby, Sam Kinison and Ari Shaffir are the most public ones he’s been accused of plagiarizing.

Check out this video:

He’s also been banned from a number of comedy clubs and radio shows for using stolen material.

[Edit]: Also, listen to this podcast of him on a radio show plagiarizing and the DJs talking about it after.

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George Lopez, Bobby Lee ,Ari Shaffir, Bill Cosby so on and so forth.

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I think I will not buy the tickets then LOL

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Famous? Yeah, in a third rate comedian sort of way. Otherwise, no.

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Famous? Yes.
Funny? No.

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don’t bother. You may not be able to sell them.

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Some would say he is in famous. He doesn’t do anything for me. Isn’t he the one who does the “dee dee dee” thing? Never mind, I found it. I can’t STAND him!!

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He’s hilarious if you’ve never seen or heard of any other comdian…ever.

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Lisa Lampanelli is funnier.

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My DOG is funnier! ha ha!!

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