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Do your eyes become fatigued after reading for 15 to 20 minutes?

Asked by mitochondrian (138points) November 6th, 2011

I think I have what is called visual fatigue because my eyes feel tired after 15 to 20 minutes of reading. It is frustrating because I would like to read for a longer time than that before I need a break or end up just falling asleep on my couch while reading.
Does any one know what to do about this? I’m not quite sure I need to see an eye doctor yet and I don’t have insurance anyway.
Would low strength reading glasses help with the feeling of visual fatigue? The page I’m reading does get blurry and it is hard to focus after 15 to 20 minutes, I have to blink a lot, look away, set the book down or hold the book closer and turn up the dimmer on my lamp. I will be 30 in a few months, so maybe it’s just part of aging. Thank you for your responses.

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Wow, I just experienced this same condition a few months ago. I went into an eye doctor’s office and almost, almost got examined. For some reason it went away so I haven’t gotten into any consultation yet. My brother says since I’m 43 and most members in the family are wearing reading glasses, its no surprise I might be the next candidate for eyewear.

I got so annoyed because I’m not use to having problems with my eyesight. I have accepted the changes but I still refuse to get a consultation. So far I don’t mind that I need to create a little more distance between small letters and my eyes before I could read it. I was also hoping that if I take care of my body, give it enough sleep time, my eyesight might improve but yeah, I know that may be just a whole lot of bs. Lol.

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Only if I am sleep deprived.

You can go into the drug store and try on a pair of very low stregnth reading glasses and see if they help. I have no trouble with reading so when I put on that type of glasses it is horrible for me. My husband complains of similar symptoms sometimes, but it takes longer than just 20 minutes. He actually has reading glasses, but the script is very weak. One eye is different than the other, so ideally the cheapy glasses don’t work for him, because he needs a different glass for each eye.

Getting your eyes checked if you have haven’t ever or in a long time might be prudent.

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Definitely go see an eye doctor; glasses, if needed, will help.

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Captain Redundant here… seconding the eye doc.

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You need to talk with an eye doctor. That is not normal/

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I too only get this when I’m really tired or if I’m reading a boring book…

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