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Anyone who ever smoked: what was your first smoke and why did you light up?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) November 7th, 2011

Tobacco, pot, crack, whatever—why did you light up the first time? How long did you keep on smoking? Over time, how many different substances did you smoke?

I don’t think I’ve smoked more than 20 cigarettes in my life. The first one was a Gauloises that someone handed me on a train in Europe. I had been up more than 24 hours at the time and had eaten nothing and had no money. I took the cigarette, and leaned out the window and tried to act like I knew what I was doing.

At college, I was dying to know what it felt like to be high. At some point a friend decided to help me see what it was like. I smoked my first joint. I’ve probably smoked pot more times in my life than I smoked cigarettes, but not by much.

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The first thing I ever smoked was a hash joint, I was about 16 and on my way home from a night club at about 3am, when I bumped in to my brother and a kid called Angel, smoking a fat joint. I taked to them for a moment, and asked them for a puff on the joint so I could see what all the fuss was about. It was good stuff and gave me quite a big buzz.

The next day I met up with my friend Fernando, I mentioned it to him, and we decided to go get some. We got 5000 pesetas worth, about 8 grams or so of hash, and took it back to my place to smoke.

I then went on to smoke hash for a few months before changing over to weed, then for the next 11 years I smoked about 10 to 20 cigarettes a day, plus 2 or 3 joints a day.

I have been clean of the stuff a while now, some months. I am doning well on quitting, I am not smoking, I hardly ever get the urge to smoke anymore, but it has still probably not been long enough to call my self an ex-smoker.

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My smoke of choice is definitely marijuana. I’ve never smoked a cigarette (or crack, damn!), and I don’t ever plan to. I’ve been to a hookah bar, and I’ve tried a cigar, but that’s the extent of my dealings with tobacco. I first tried weed with my SO and his cousins, but I didn’t know how to inhale, so I just enjoyed the atmosphere. After that, I was smoking joints whenever I had the chance, which was a few times a year until I moved to NJ. From that point, (about 2 years ago) I shared a joint with my SO everyday, and even bought a bowl to switch things up. A few months ago, we bought a vaporizer. I prefer ingesting marijuana with the vaporizer because it’s more pure, and it’s very cost effective. I like smoking organic marijuana through a vaporizer. For me, it’s both medicinal and recreational. I don’t see myself going back to another method of smoking, although I do enjoy the occasional blunt.

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Peer pressure
Around fifteen years

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I smoked cigarettes the first time from peer pressure. Then I did it every so often because I thought it was cool. I never inhaled. The first time I was in 6th grade I think? Maybe 5th? And, then bought a pack or two in jr. high, and that was it. When I think about it I liked the holding the cigarette part. Sucking in the smoke, blowing it out.

I never tried smoking pot or anything else.

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I was in 8th grade when a schoolmate of mine invited me to smoke pot with her. I can’t count how many times I did it but at the time it was fun and only after school. We’d steal pot from her older brother’s stash. After that I tried cigarettes, stole them my Grandfather but didn’t like them. Once I graduated Jr. High, I didn’t smoke pot anymore, it wasn’t fun anymore and would just make me very agitated. Since then, I’ve been smoking clove cigarettes off an on, some years heavy, some not at all and some very lightly.

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Regular cigarettes, because my asshole brother smoked and told me to try it. I was 12.

I thought he was so damned cool with his older friends and cigarettes and I wanted to be just like him. Unfortunately I still smoke, but thankfully I avoided being “just like him”; he’s a jerk.

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I had my first cigarette when I was in second grade. I had no adult supervision so I ran wild everyday after school. I stole the cigarettes (“LUCKY STRIKES”) from my Mom and was smoking them with my friends. It was pretty cool until one of my friends quickly noticed that I was not inhaling. I was told to suck the smoke deep into my lungs. I tried one time. I thought that I was going to die. I told my friends “You are crazy!” and I never touched another cigarette or any other tobacco product. I never took a single drag on a marijuana joint because I’ve been down that road before with my cigarette experience.

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cigarettes – It was about 17 years ago. I have smoked on and off for the 17 years, with long periods of abstaining in between (so if you add up all the time I actually smoked regularly it was probably about 8–10 years). I lit up the first time because I was fascinated by smoking from what I saw in the movies (actors always made it look so cool), also because many people in my family smoked so I thought of it as the thing adults did, I continued smoking beyond that because of peer pressure (had a friend that smoked and I was a follower at the time), and continued after that because of the addiction, mainly the psychological addiction.

pot – smoked first time (at 16) because of peer pressure from family members, continued because it seemed like the way most of the people I hung out with spent their leisure time (besides drinking). All in all, I never really enjoyed it too much, and it was much easier to quit than cigarettes.

crack – after using coke for awhile (at around 20 years old), it became hard to hide because I would get ‘crusties’ under my nostril (even after flushing them). So I switched to freebase. Reason I started yayo in the first place is because a friend of mine whom I trusted told me to try it out “it’s like coffee only better” lol. I later became addicted and he had since stopped. Smoking it was alot worse as far as the side effects (major depression) so I managed to quit after a couple of years of use, thankfully I stopped. This still was easier to quit than cigarettes.

So overall stupid reasons for starting all 3 of these, though I can honestly say my smoking days are done, period.

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The first thing I smoked was a strawberry hookah. There was a strip mall across from my high school where we’d go when we skipped class, and we used to smoke over there. My friends and I thought we were so cool back then, but it was actually pretty silly.

The first cigarette I tried was a djaram black… I miss those. Now I only smoke occasionally, like maybe a cigarette or two every couple weeks. When I was in college, everyone smoked like chimneys all the time. No matter how late it was or how cold it was, there would always be a group of students shivering near the front door and smoking together.

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The ONLY thing I ever smoked, and will ever smoke, was a joint when I was a senior in high school. By brother and his friend kept telling me how would I know I didn’t like weed if I never tried it. I was quite sure I didn’t, to me it was a waste of good money. I tried a joint, I didn’t get high, a buzz, or anything. What I got was a headache. Weed, hash, hemp, bud, whatever you want to call it never again violated my lips.

Cigarettes I avoided even more vehemently. When I was a junior some young man called all of us over and laughing he said, “Watch this everyone”. He put the tail if his clean white t-shirt over the back of the filter of the cigarette and took a big drag. Then showed us the nasty brownish/orange stain left there. Laughing he said, “If it can do that to my shirt, imagine what it is doing to my lungs?” I thought about it, and thought it was really stupid to wreck my lungs like that.

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My first smoke was a cigar, I think. I loved the way Groucho Marx used it to time his humor.

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i would only smoke cigs if I ran out of weed.
Weed helps with pain, so much!!

Crack is evil and you have to fight for your soul to stop. I’m glad I’m strong and quit. Nasty evil addiction. :( Those first hits are mind blowing and you spend the rest of your time chasing it. While demons chase you down.

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Weed, sometime early in high school. I’d wanted to try it, and I realized that my friend smoked, so I took advantage of the opportunity. Definitely wasn’t a peer-pressure kind of thing; I really wasn’t very susceptible to that for the most part in school. I was already well-informed on it before I smoked it for the first time, and I didn’t see it as being a big deal at all.

I’ve only smoked one or two cigarettes ever. Not my thing. I don’t really see the point since they’re both unhealthy and addicting. My mom smoked cigarettes for a long time, and I saw how hard of a time she had quitting, so I doubt I’ll be taking it up.

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First time I had ever smoked anything ever was early last year, when I took a single puff of my friends cigar on his eighteenth birthday. Hadn’t messed around with anything for a while, until about February, when I tried smoking pot for the first time. A few friends were gonna light up, and extended the invitation to me. I had passed up a similar offer in the past, and kinda regretted it, so I figured, what the hell? Needless to say, I dug it well enough to give it another couple tries, doing it on a pretty infrequent basis until the summer rolled around. Since then, I’ve done it slightly more frequently, around once a week, but rarely anymore than that.

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My first cigarette was a Lucky Strike, on a hot summer day at the beach. I had one of those plucky girlfriends that just lit it and handed it to me.

I bum them occasionally, but have never really been a smoker.

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Lucky Strike.


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Hm, I was around 13, I started with weed. It was to be cool, with my friends. Or some stupid shit like that.

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Cigarettes, I was 20 and in Georgia at school. I did it to kep the gnats away from my food. So it was more like lighting incense.

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@Haleth ahhh, djarums!

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I started smoking cigarettes regularly around 18… my first was when I was 17 or so because I had always wanted to try. I enjoy my cigarette breaks, the people I meet that are also outside smoking, and smoking on long drives. It’s a psychological addiction for me now… I hope to quit by the time I’m 30 or once I’m done with grad school.

I have smoking pot off and on since about the same age. Also something I wasn’t pressured into doing but I had wanted to see what the hype was. First it was recreational use with friends, now it is that on occasion and smoking alone once or twice a week and doing something creative and listening to tunes. Or just to take a nice nap :)

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