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For all you pot-smokers here on Fluther, I've got a question.

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) October 8th, 2008

I smoked last night and it was only my second time. I think I took like 5 or 6 hits, maybe more. But anyways, I freaked out. Like pretty bad. It was a really physical feeling and I couldnt control any of my thoughts or emotions, I couldn’t even walk straight. Not to mention we were in the middle of the woods which was terrifying me. When we finally got back to the house I ended up puking like 5 times. Luckily, I was with really good friends and didn’t have to drive home. I didn’t become coherent until like 3:00 or 4:00 and I smoked at 11:00. So basically, I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced a high similar to this and if so, does it go away after getting high more? I’m also wondering if this is just a personal problem of mine, like I can’t handle weed or something? I just want to know if it’s safe for me to smoke again or if I should just stop.

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Um…okay. Sorry?

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Are you sure you were smoking only marijuana?

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whoa, wait minute: you’re not the same person who asked about that strange sanford & son episode, are you?

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@charlie…No, lol. What?

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@soapchef, Two of my friends smoked with me and they were fine. So, I don’t think it was laced.

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Sounds like you had a great time. As long as it’s safe you should definitely smoke a lot more. What could be more fun than incoherence and vomiting?

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I’ve never been able to handle pot, and while my first and second times getting high were different from yours they were really quite the same: I freaked out. I am not big on loss of control (regardless of the Big Band predetermining all of my movements) and do not like altering my ability to control my mind. (Oh, save it, you Flutherites. Yes. I dig Margaritas. Yes I have over imbibed. Yes Yes Yes. But I never freaked out on my little salt and lime and tequila…). My advice? To quote Ringo, “No, no, no, I Don’t smoke it no more….I’m tired of waking up on the floor…

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Edit the above to read : Big Bang, relating to this Q

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Sounds like you have a great excuse not to cave in to peer pressure. I haven’t smoked pot in 30+ years but at the end I had similar symptoms. Not being able to smoke any more was the best thing that ever happened to me.

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If the pot was indica then it’s possible that the pot was just too strong. The first time I tried really good weed I had a strange response. Also, if you were also drinking, that could affect your reaction. Finally, pot does cause paranoia. If you can’t handle it, then don’t do it.

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Two things:
1. Your body chemistry might be made up in such a way that pot makes you sick. If this is the case, you might consider avoiding it.

2. Maybe you are a little uptight. For some people, any mind altering experience which loosens their grip on their pre-determined personally defined reality can be sickening.

How are you when you drink? Or take LSD? Where you combining drugs? Did you take anything that your friends did not? Do they have a higher tolerance then you?

Maybe less hits next time.

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It could have been laced with something else.. Or maybe it reacted with something else you had in your body? alcohol? but yeah, always be careful with where you get drugs from.. haha.

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Why would you want to persist with something that makes you feel that bad and has all the bad aspects that pot does?

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@Marina, You mean like getting intimate? For ladies it sometimes makes you feel bad (emotionally and/or physically) the first time but eventually it gets a lot better. Pot is the same way. Beer is the same way. Hot wings are the same way. Roller coasters can be the same way. Lots of stuff is the same way actually.

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Your body isnt used to the effects of a mind altering substance, some people can take it, others cant. Smoke less next time if you really want to smoke, but do it somewhere “safer” than the middle of the woods. Or if your going to do it in the woods do it in the middle of the day. Just so that you dont get to overly paranoid which could lead to these feelings of sickness. Personally i’ve never vomited from smoking too much, but like tinyfaery said above the weed could have been really good, much more than your used to so it hit you like a brick wall. Ive been with people that while i could smoke 2 bowls, after the first they felt really sick and threw up.

Really what it comes down to is ask yourself why you want to smoke weed? Is it because your friends smoke, or is it that you truly want to experience it? If the answer is because your friends, stop smoking immediately and dont start again until your mature enough to make your own decisions.
If you really want to smoke because its something that you personally want to do by your own choice, go for it. But take it slower, dont smoke as much. Also i dont know if you were drinking or not but as bodyhead said it will make you sick. Remember this saying “Beer before grass your on your ass. Grass before beer your in the clear.”

Have fun, and be safe.

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When I started receiving more pain than enjoyment from roller coasters, I stopped riding them.

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@bodyhead What anedleinthehay is describing is not a mild bad reaction. Why one would persist through that seems pretty head-scatching. Beer can be the same way. Hot wings can be the same way. Rollercoasters can be the same way. So? Why persist with those either?

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If it’s more than a herb it’s a problem.

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Are you sure you can call what you described a “high”?

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Marina, I’m with you in that anything that can cause a reaction that bad might not be his cup of tea. I’d say it’s fairly likely that he shouldn’t be smoking weed if it makes him violently sick. We’re agreed on that.

I’m just saying, don’t write off something because of one bad experience. You could just as easily write off reading, religion, sexual relations, driving, etc. All of those things have the potential to give you a horrid experience the first time.

I just mentioned roller coasters, hot wings, and beer up there because they they have given me hundreds of hours of enjoyment in my lifetime. If I had written any of the three off (all gave me bad experiences at first), I would have missed out on tons of happiness.

If you’re asking why I would do something when it makes me happy, well you’ve stumped me there. I don’t really have an answer for that.

My only point is: It’s not bad to keep an open mind.

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@bodyhead I hated beer. It literally made me gag. I persisted because of peer pressure. I eventually came to appreciate beer in certain circumstances and if it is a great beer, but it never became my beverage of choice.

My point? The main reason for persisting is peer pressure. I wish I had had enough self esteem to deflect more of it when I was young than I did.

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I think we have it all backwards alcohol bars should close down and weed bars should take the place of them. it is 100 percent more dangerous to drink and drive than it is to smoke any amount of weed and drive. make people drink in the safety of their homes. I guarantee that the number of accidental deaths drops enormously.

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It sounds like you might have gotten paranoid from being out in the middle of the woods. If you want to try it again, maybe go to a friends house where you feel more comfortable. Start out with just a few hits and then see how you feel after that. If you start to feel the same way, then it could just be your tolerance level. If you feel fine, maybe try a bit more (if you want to). I’ve never thrown up from smoking, and I don’t experience paranoia either. Give it another shot if it’s something you want to do, and if this wasn’t your cup of tea then that’s ok too.

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Nope, that’s normal. And it gets more intense each time you smoke. It’s what potheads call “fun”.

I’m just glad you’re not an airline pilot.

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Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I usually just get stupid and sleepy.

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It always amazes me when people announce online that they do illegal stuff.

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@laureth why? ill announce it in public as well, who the hell cares.

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I’ve cut the tags off of my mattresses.

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@nimis you ARE the consumer!

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@nimis I think I hear sirens!

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It sounds to me like you had too much. Smoke less next time. If you continue to have the smoking problem, start rolling your joints without tabacco.

Always eat before smoking pot. If you don`t eat all day you`ll want to hurl.


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@cherryred i never understood the people who mixed tobacco into their joints ewwww. That will definitely make you sick right there. Nicotine overdose is not fun, heavy sweating lightheaded and sick to your stomach often times to the point of vomiting. Nahhhh ill pass.

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I’d give it another shot. In a more secure situation. If you enjoy it, cheers. If not, don’t do it.

Pretty simple.

It sounds to me like you just had a little too much a little too fast. A lot of people don’t get high at all their first couple of times.

And ummm… yea, if you feel like you need to do anything because of peer pressure… (and I’m not saying that you do) ...develop a backbone.

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re a good person. Whatever you have to do to get some self esteem.

Think for yourself, don’t let anyone tell you what to do.

That being said, never mix you ganja with tobacco.
That’s disgusting.

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Yeah, I’d say either you had a panic attack or you had too much weed, especially if you were also smoking cigarettes. I’ve had times where too much weed and cigarettes made me feel incredibly physically ill. Also, I find I can smoke and drink, but not drink and smoke. Smoking while drunk is a bad idea, at least for me.

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What did Gail say that got removed?

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@Malakai: The only reason some people “don’t get get high at all their first couple of times” is because they aren’t inhaling properly…

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@girlofscience: All Gail said was “TMI”.
And yeah, that happened to me the first like 2 times I tried to smoke. Nothing happened.

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@Aneedle: Was that it? Thanks. I had forgotten.

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@ gail—Yea i think that’s all it said, weird…

@ girl—I never really had that problem, I was definitely stoned the first time. I’ve just heard a lot of people say it. Maybe you’re right.

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That incident you had is called a whitey were I’m from

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@jamjar: Explain this term, please.

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Whitey- an undesirable reaction to smoking cannabis common amongst lightweights and first-time tokers. Symptoms include dizzyness, clammy skin, nausea and vomiting.
It gets its name from the paleness of the sufferer as the blood drains out the capillaries under the skin due to a decrease in blood pressure.

awesome band by the same name.

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That pretty much sums it up

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Do it with a kitten next time, it will go better.

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I agree with what a lot of people have already said but figured i’d throw my two (pot-smoking) cents in here. lol

You definitely just got a little too high which is completely natural especially if you are not a big smoker or new to it. A very close friend of mine who doesn’t really smokee asked me to get him high a few weeks ago so he and i and a two of my friends who regularly smoke got high and he (who normally is a very outgoing guy became completely insecure and couldn’t really even move. We told him to use some eye drops and he thought we were messing with him and trying to trick him with everything we said.

I’ve been there before myself. I think anyone whose smoked a fair amount has felt that way and I think that it is kind of an introspective feeling that isn’t a good feeling but it’s interesting. I’ve felt like i couldn’t enjoy myself and felt too much pressure but marijuana is known to increase your heart rate which you need to be aware of.

Next time i would recommend smoking less and making sure you are in a good mood prior and having something fun planned. maybe during the day? hang out with good friends and laugh and enjoy yourself. go see a movie. listen to some tunes. go wander somewhere. just have fun!

(personally i don’t like smoking before I go to big parties and if i do i only smoke a little because i know how it reacts with my system and that it makes me a little anxious and self-conscious depending on the situation at least.)

Basically, if you realize that it’s not for you (which it’s not for everyone) then don’t do it anymore and not worry about it! Hope all is well.

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Look, you probably puked because it was only your second time. Or more than likely it was laced with something.


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you over did it. your cant over do it. have 1 then wait 10 mins, have another and wait 10mins and if your at where you wanna be stop.
if your smoking a bong dont pack the cone piece big. just start of small and keep it that way if its your first time.
smoking a joint just have 3 or 4 tokes and put it out or pass the dutchy on the left hand side :P

and also doing it in the middle of the woods is a terrible idea. try do it somewhere where your comfortable!

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Pot can make you paranoid. It doesn’t help if you are in an unfamiliar place. Once, I was hanging out with a crowd of people working at the restaurant I had just started working for. There was a party after work, and pot being passed around. I had done pot before, but I didn’t know these people, and I began to feel very paranoid. I thought they might want to take advantage of me, somehow, or that if I tried to drive home, I’d get lost, or the cops would catch me, and more. It was ugly. I never did pot again, except amongst friends, and in places I knew well.

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dont get so drunk before you smoke

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In some very rare circumstances, pot can cause a person to get overly paranoid. Is this psychological due to the law, or physical due to marijuana’s properties… no one has addressed that yet scientifically, far as I know.

I think its psychological though. I used to get a little paranoid on pot, but when I visited Amsterdam I wasn’t paranoid at all, since its allowed there. I felt totally free. At that point, I personally realized the paranoia is psychological, and after realizing that, the paranoia never came back, even after returning to the States. Although if I was traveling stoned through some bumfart small little Kentucky town, I’d probably be paranoid all over again if I had any on me.

And I know you threw up and all that, and super-strong paranoia can make a person dizzy and nauseated.

This is what you need if you try it again:

1. A Small Paper Bag
2. Plenty of crackers
3. Plenty of water

Staying hydrated is very important. Drink the water, and eat the crackers.
If you start feeling panicky, breathe into the paper bag. This has worked on everyone I tried it with over the years.

If after a few more occassions, you keep having this awful experience, then it probably means your body has an aversion to marijuana and shouldn’t use it.

And as Jerrytown above says… if by any chance there was any alcohol used that night… then there is the real problem. But you didn’t mention that, so I assume no alcohol was involved. And hopefully no littering. Littering in the woods can lead to some harsh universal rebound.

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I don’t know, I had a friend who that happened to because she took a hit off the vaporizer, she was freaked out

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