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Anyone near all the earthquakes in Oklahoma?

Asked by JustJessica (4054points) November 7th, 2011

I’m a California transplant now living in Oklahoma. It seems the earthquakes have caught up with me. I am a bit curious as to why we have had 29 earthquakes since 2am November 5th. I know we cannot predict earthquakes, and I know why we have them, but here in Oklahoma they don’t have many that are actually measurable. Does anyone have any input?

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Obviously there is a fault line somewhere that is experiencing seismic activity.
Can you research the fault lines in your state and the geological explanations for the recent activity? Surely there are some reports online somewhere with explanations of the current action. Good luck, be safe! All’s quiet in california tonight. lol

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I could be absolutely mistaken on this but finding this question here reminded me of an interview with former New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin which I’ve heard not too long ago. He said that after the disaster in New Orleans he had studied data on the frequency of earthquake and flood events in the country and he was shocked to learn that it was not only California who has a huge fault line but also Oklahoma? Like I said, I could be mistaken though.

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