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At the casino what is your best game?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) November 8th, 2011

When you find yourself at a casino, which game do you play, if you are not too afraid to play? I know people who love the slots, even if they just play the nickel, or dime machines. Most favor Blackjack, they seem to believe they win more there. Many also like to shoot craps. They do not like roulette. To me, that is my best game.

I once with to a good friend’s son had his wedding in Reno. Around 1am got up because I could not sleep, and went down to the casino. I was basically the only one at the roulette table but I was able to play there for about three hours on $40, I think I even went back upstairs a few dollars ahead.

What do you play, and what is your reasoning for playing it? What is the max amount you will spend wagering on a trip to the casino?

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Penny machines. Lots of chances. Plus I’m poor. So free soda all day, plus penny machines equals plenty to be excited about.

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I once with to a good friend’s son had his wedding in Reno.


I play the slots. Won $1100 once on a nickel machine.

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Spectator and drinks supervisor.

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Hands down, it’s poker, specifically Texas Hold ‘em. I like that I’m not playing against the house even though I am paying the house for the service. I almost always break even. Someday, I’ll be decent enough to win consistently.

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My wife is a regular winner at slot machines. She won $400 on a penny slot a couple months back.
On the other hand, I lose at everything.
I do enjoy playing Pai Gow Poker though. It takes me a long time to lose all my money there.

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Texas Hold ‘em. I’m quite good at bluffing, confusing my opponents, I have no “tells”, and I have an excellent poker face.

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Casino War.

It’s literally just War. 46% of the time you win, 46% of the time they win, the remaining 8% is a war (where you have the same card). When you war you have to double your bet (if you had $5 you have to add $5) and the casino will add half of your new total bet (so if your additional $5 brought you to $10 total, the casino would add $5). Now in war you again win 46% outright, and they win 46% outright. The catch is if you get a second war, the casino doubles the pot and you win.

If you play it properly, and you have enough money to continuously double your bet, the odds of you losing money are something to the effect of 1/1000

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I like Blackjack, at least it doesn’t put me to sleep. I don’t see how people can play poker or the slots for hours on end. My limit is about an hour then I hit the bar and buffet.

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Back when I used to gamble I played blackjack and craps. I loved craps—which is part of the reason I don’t gamble any more. There was one table in Reno that played a 25 cent minimum bet and I could play for hours.

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Unless you’re a poker player, where you are playing against other players… not the house; Blackjack Basic Strategy and Craps (playing the pass / come line) are the best bets.
Here is an article about odds.

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Once snuck onto a table and won 4k in Texas hold’em. But I guess you can’t really go wrong with Vegas Solitaire. Lol

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The Buffet of course!

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I only play one game, the 10 cent five card draw machine. My husband plays Black Jack because he so good at it. He has a near perfect memory, which helps a lot. He usually ends up a few $100 ahead, but refuses to bet more than he could comfortable lose.

When he is using the Casino’s money (they put money on our play cards every month) he plays poker at the tables until he uses it all up.

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I’ve won good amounts at Blackjack a number of times, so that is my favorite. I even played (long time ago) at the Casino in Monte Carlo, started with 20 francs, and walked out with over 800. I still have a 5 franc chip.

I like baccarat too, and craps. I’ve played roulette and done okay for a while, but never really won a lot.

I used to like playing slots, but now that you only win on your card, it’s no fun any more. I’d rather go around with a big cup full of nickels, it’s a lot more fun.

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@zenvelo hey, we have something in common, I was thrown out of a casino in Monte Carlo. It seems that dress blue uniforms are not acceptable attire.

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I don’t enjoy gambling. In mixed company then I’ll make $20.00 last a few hours in slot machines but that’s it.

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I’ve never been to a casino. With my luck and my slim wallet I know I’d lose my budget in three minutes. I’ve been to the local dog track though. Came home with a £20 profit and that was after spending another £15 on a meal and drinks.

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@tedd On a side note, according to the Wiki page, the house edge in Casino War is usually over 2%, so just be warned that it is not a fair game.

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@PhiNotPi I’m actually surprised that the house edge isn’t much more than that.

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The house edge probably depends upon the casino. Casinos with a very large number of visitors will tend to have smaller house edges, since they can still make a ton of money.

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