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What is the fastest way to become a billionaire?

Asked by Freelancer (20points) November 8th, 2011

I already know that I need to start an Inc. 500 company. So perhaps the question can be re-formulated as: “How do I speed up the growth of my Inc. 500 company?” Is Silicon Valley really the best place when there is no loyalty there and good people jump ship so quickly? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg misses Boston for this reason. Is taking the company public absolutely necessary? Don’t some billionaires keep their companies private and not risk being ousted like Steve Jobs once underwent at Apple? Is the re-formulation of the question really helpful? Or is there another faster way to the top?

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Marry Mark Zuckerberg.

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Get adopted by Bill and Melinda Gates.

Seriously, is “How do I become a billionaire” your focus? Or having your company thrive?

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If there was some easy/fast way to do it, everyone would.

Sorry buddy.

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A few years ago I asked several very wealthy (most now dead) people what they would do if they were starting now, to build their fortune.
Surprisingly, most said “real estate.”
The wisest answer I got was, “Do what you know.” I don’t know if this answers your question or not, but it worked for me. I am not a “billionaire,” but I do now have time to hang out on the intranet answering questions, and my bills are paid and my refrigerator is full.

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Develop a killer product; work your ass off for however long it takes. Believe in your product. Get others to believe in it. Sell it. Work 24/7. Eat, drink, and breathe your company.

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Being a billionaire has no meaning if your approach, and only interest is coming from a place of greed.

Much better to desire to aide people and the planet and if the payoff is meant to be, it will.

You know what they say about a love of money being the root of all evil.

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The fastest way is the oldest: inherit it.

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Buy Boardwalk.

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@Mama_Cakes , no, you have to have Park Place too!

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How to become a billionaire FAST! – By: Jolly P. Trickalory.

Day 1: Take all your things, such as car, xbox, clothes, old toys and anything else, and go sell it. Your aim is to raise 2500 bucks. Remember you are going to need at least the clothes you are wearing and a place to sleep, so don’t sell absolutely everything.

Day 2: Take the 2500 bucks down to a bad part of town, and get your hands on 100 grams of cocaine, you then want to cut that nasty stuff with baking soda or something else, to bulk it up to 150 grams or so. Go out, and sell the cocaine at 80 bucks a gram to tourists and party goers. At the end you should have about 12,000.00.

Day 3: Take 10,000.00 of your total and use it to buy two female sex slaves, so you can open up a brothel. While you wait for them to be delivered, take the 2,000.00 bucks you still have left, and go do two more cocaine runs, the first at 150 grams, the next at 250.

Day 4: You should now have around about 25,000.00 and two sex slaves that you had shipped in. You are going to want to hire some muscle, take 5,000 bucks and hire some goons. You will want some of them to pedal coke for you, while other take care of the slaves and run the brother, while you take the other 20k, and go do a big cocaine run.

Day 5: You now have about 100k, you are going to want to use half of that to set up a loan sharking business, have your goons start forcing loans on people, and going round to collect. the other 50k you will want to use on a giant coke run.

Day 6: You should now have around a million bucks, and are going to want to look in to setting up your casino, peel off a bit of money and hire more goons. Get them to set up a few underground gaming halls across town, and make sure you don’t forget to tell them to shift the odds in the houses favor. This is also probably a good time to get other goons in to gun running and body packing heroin, cocaine is all well and good, but you are going to want to expand.

Day 7: You should now just have collected about 28 million bucks, you are going to want to take this to the casino and bet it as 36 to 1 odds on the roulette table on 18 black. When 18 black lands on the wheel, you will have just over a billion dollars. Should you fail, keep repeating the process each day with the money you are making from selling people drugs and guns. At some point in the next 36 days, you should be cashing in that billion.

Enjoy your week, and don’t forget to let us know how you do… Good Luck!

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And Park Place! :)

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In the capitalist system, the only way you can make a lot of money is to take it away from someone else. You can take away a little bit of the fruits of a lot of other people’s labour (we call this “business”) or take away a lot of the fruits of a small number of people’s labour (we call this “crime”). In order to make truly astonishing, extortionate amounts of money — the kind that you want — you have to do both, like the Koch Brothers or the Rockefellers. Just make sure that you are a sociopathic monster who delights in the misery of others and serves the Thanotic death-urge which will one day exterminate all life on this planet, and I’m sure you’ll be screwing people out of their billions as a Fortune 500 capitalist in no time at all.

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This is easy.. Dump your money (1K will work) into a company like Twitter and you will be loaded once they come up with a plan to monetize the service.

Or you could make more mowing lawns and washing cars.

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Possible methods:

1. Sell 20,000 things for $50,000.00 each and manage to keep all of the money
2. Become a dictator
3. Steal one billion dollars
4. Get one billion units of some worthless or nearly worthless currency
5. Change how you view your wealth based on worth. For what amount of money would you sell a person whom you love?

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Method 4 is quite brilliant, @randomquestionasker!

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Move. I hear that Rwanda has a lovely exchange rate with the dollar (1 USD = 593.000 RWF as of Nov. 8, 2011) and the cost of living is low enough that you can get by on just a few dollars a day.

@SmashTheState Offering goods/services in exchange for money (the crux of all business) is hardly theft.

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Choose you ancestors with meticulous care, especially your parents.

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Print one million counterfeit one thousand dollar bills and get them changed at WalMart.

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First of all, you need to love what you do. No one becomes a billionaire purely by chasing money.

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Marry one.

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Start out as a trillionaire?

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@SmashTheState In the capitalist system, the only way you can make a lot of money is to take it away from someone else.

Really? Where did you dream that up?

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Wait… I just noticed OP in new user…

Is this one of those CIA or FBI agents browsing forums looking for schemers?

Really… I was just teasing about the counterfeit printing… Really just kidding guys.

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By totally erasing the goal of becoming a billionaire.

I’m serious. Making lots of money should never be the goal. Your real goal should have something to do with what you enjoy doing and what offers great benefits to potential customers.

Sorry to be so blunt, but your kind of thinking is one of the root causes of the current financial crisis. Money is a medium of exchange. It’s not the end product of a value creation chain.

Getting fast rich. That’s what the investment bankers thought when assumed that real estate prices would rise forever. And that having a good income is not a requirement for buying an expensive house or fancy car.

Wanting to get rich fast is what made millions of Americans unemployed. The whole mess we are in now.

I recommend some soul searching. Honestly.

Try to find out what you love doing. And how this could enrich the lives of other people. Then be good at it. I have no problem with people earning good money for something that really adds value to other people. But they should love what they are selling.

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Billionaires are sick people. Work is highly overrated; so why keep working after you have $100 million. It would be difficult to spend that much.

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@bobesherman, people that rich are not getting that way by working. Their money is doing all the work for them.

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@bobesherman It’s shrewd investments that carry a person to the $1 billion mark.

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Shrewd investments have the potential to create 1 million people losing money for 1 billionaire. Win-lose approaches never last long.

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@mattbrowne What you’re not taking into account is that these are people who are spending their own money. They are making conscious, theoretically informed decisions to exchange their money for a product or service, or else they’re making conscious, theoretically informed decisions to gamble it on the products-and-services people.

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In the present U.S. system, several people here got it right. To become a billionaire you have go take a billion dollars from a lot of people. The problem is that a service economy has only a finite amount of real worth, cash in this case. All you can do is move it around so if a person goes from zero to a billionaire, a billion people lose a dollar, or a million lose a thousand, etc..

There are only a couple ways to create new wealth, mining, manufacturing, or farming. Everything else is just shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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Since there are a lot of politicians in Washington, DC that refuse to pay their taxes become a

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Keep in mind that we are talking about phantom wealth here.

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the FASTEST way is either being super lucky or doing it illegally. If the solution was any simpler, a lot of people would’ve been billionaires by now as the other answers pointed out. Still, if you’re serious enough, good luck! ;)

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