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Yeast Infections. Yuck.. but please help.

Asked by thesparrow (2733points) November 9th, 2011

So I think that recently I’ve developed this beast, but a very mild form of it. My own speculations is that when my beer intake increases (i.e. I go out on multiple occasions during a week where I drink beer with my friends) this gets worse.. or reoccurs. I had it last summer as well because in the summer I tend to drink more beer. I’m treating it right now and it’s not that bad but my question is: since I don’t want to give up on alcohol, would it be safer for me to drink vodka instead of beer because it has less yeast? I mean, I don’t drink everyday but alcohol IS a standard part of my life (i.e. I drink with friends and loved ones when I go out. I HAVE stopped drinking at home, though). So it amounts to about 3 times a week of moderate to heavy drinking.

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I would expect the yeast in the beer has no relationship with a yeast infection but that’s coming from a male so take it for what it’s worth.

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I happen to know a little something about yeast infection, as it is something I have had also in the past. Yes I’m male, and yes males can get yeast infection too.

For me it was taking antibiotics that caused it, and from what I hear taking antibiotics is one of the main reasons you get yeast infections. The antibiotics kill off the bacteria that normally keeps the yeast under control, and the yeast takes over, showing up anywhere from the mouth, hands, genitals and other places. If you are taking antibiotics you are going to want to have a chat with your doctor about it.

Yeast infections just love it when you keep eating bread or other things containing yeast, it also enjoys a good bit of sugar. So these are things you are going to want to avoid eating.

There are some things you can eat that will help, eating pro-biotic yogurt can help restore the bacteria in your body that keeps the yeast/candida under control. You may also want to eat some garlic as it has good antispetic properties.

Also you may want to consider using some yogurt to apply directly to the affected area. Make sure it is natural yogurt without sugar.

However, you will want to tackle this problem, by using modern medicine. Home remedies can help, and even solve the problem in the long run some times, but yeast infections can be deadly in some rare cases, so you really want to start using anti-fungal medication asap.

Note: I am not a doctor, my advice should not be blindly trusted.

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@poisonedantidote I didn’t know that about males getting them. Cranberry Juice is also supposed to help.

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@Adirondackwannabe It is far more rare in men. We tend to get it in the throat and mouth when taking antibiotics, or can even have it show up on the penis (some times from sex), causing a condition called “balanitis”. However this is quite rare really

For the most part, yeast infection will only really get your attention if it spreads to the genitals or throat. You could have a yeast infection in your mouth right now and would probably not be able to tell without a test, and eventually the body just takes care of it, and you never know about it.

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@poisonedantidote Thanks. I learned something new today.
@thesparrow I’m guessing you really didn’t expect your first responders to this would be males. :). Nice to have you as a part of fluther.

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Has your doctor treated the infection? Maybe the OTC stuff isn’t knocking it out, fully.
@Adirondackwannabe my dad also thought that cranberry juiced helped a yeast infection, but that isn’t true. The theory is that cranberry can help to coat the bladder and prevent urinary tract infections, but it does not treat them, and it has no effect on yeast. Except that the sugar in the juice can potentially exacerbate a yeast infection by essentially feeding it.

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I don’t think that the beer has anything to do with it. You could make some changes to your diet to avoid yeast infections.

“Remove the foods that the yeast is feeding on

– which often have other adverse side effects for your body anyway

Refined sugar is a major food source for candida. And conditions that lead to high levels of available sugar in the body exacerbate candida (pregnancy, diabetes etc)

Eat foods that encourage the candida albicans competition – probiotics and prebiotics. You can find them in yoghurt with live cultures, and you can get them in larger doses by taking a probiotic capsule. These capsules need to be refridgerated.”


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@ANef_is_Enuf Well, that’s another new thing I’ve learned. I saw this question at first and said “Yuck” too but I learned a few things so it was worth it.

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If you get them often, get checked out for diabetes, That was the sign that got me diagnosed over a decade ago.
Good luck! Take care!

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but any type of alcohol, including beer, will increase the amount of yeast in your body. So will any other type of sugars like sweets, sodas, etc… Other things to avoid are pastas, smoked meats and dairy products.

Candida thrives in an acidic body, and you need to starve it out to get rid of it. Take a multivitamin and two “Azo Yeast” tablets twice a day, and eat the following things: fish, chicken, eggs, garlic, onions, broccoli, celery, asparagus, cabbage and berries. Raw onion and garlic are natural anti-fungals, so eat those as much as possible.

I would also suggest getting a bottle of Acidophilus capsules and take one to two per day. Using the Monistat should help, while you readjust your PH balance. Do not get antibiotics, because they will most likely just increase your candida level.

If you notice irritation from yeast after drinking alcohol, you might want to rethink your drink choice. I know alcohol causes me problems with yeast, so I don’t drink very much.

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Thanks everyone!

I am currently taking the probiotic capsules. My mom is a big fan of those so we have several bottles of them lying around. I find that when I am taking the capsules it tends to help. Also, I think my diet has been very rich in pasta lately.

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I thought the yeast cells would be too large to pass through the lining of the intestine. I was wondering how they cause problems with infections. Is it a metabolite?

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The problem I see with this is that I’m not getting the discharge part of it, which is making me wonder whether it’s a yeast infection at all or maybe just a mild form of one.

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If it is happening a lot make sure it is a yeast infection. You should see a GYN who actually has a microscope in their office, it is astonishing that many of them don’t, and get a culture also for safe measure. For the test to be accurate you cannot have used any anti yeast creams for several days.

What are your symptoms? Just itchy? Irritated? Pelvic pain?

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Yeah, just itchy, but not always. Just at certain times. Now, for example, it’s fine. I have vinegar on it which is helping a lot. But it reoccurs.

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@thesparrow I would go to the doctor if the yeast medicine doesn’t cure it. Have them identify it positively for yeast. Being negative on other cultures is not good enough, you need a positive for yeast in my opinion.

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@thesparrow I get yeast infections, but I don’t get the discharge symptom. Still yeast! I also recommend diluting hydrogen peroxide with water and shooting some up there with a syringe or eye dropper. It helps! Also, for future reference, the second I feel one coming on I clean down there really well and don’t wear underwear for the rest of the day/night, and it usually nips it in the bud. Good luck!

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Thanks for that last suggestion! The vinegar also seems to be doing wonders.

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I have almost no symptoms when I have a yeast infection by the way. The doctor usually has to tell me. I get checked when I take mega penicillin doses, so it is not necesarily unusual you don’t have a major discharge symptom. However, I still maintain see a doctor to confirm what you have if it is chronic. One, because if OTC is not working they can give you an oral medication and an intravaginal one day cream to kind of double kill it off. Possibly you are not getting the numbers down enough to really get rid of it. Secondly, if it isn’t yeast and is bacterial it can have bad consequences and you would want to treat it.

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Are there any chances you could be insulin resistant or diabetic? When drinking excess sugars and the insulin does not take care of it, your body can over run with yeast.

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