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Have you ever wanted two different things at once?

Asked by tianalovesyou (711points) November 9th, 2011

Have you ever wanted different things at once? ( Opposite ) What did you chose?

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Like two women? Does that count? Two songs? Like a mash-up.

You might want to edit your typo. I have flagged it for editing. Welcome to fluther.

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Yeah, two women is always the worst feeling, because you know it will never turn out good lol.

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Yes. There is a job that I really want but really don’t want, both at the same time. It is a great opportunity but would also be a huge career shift. I want the job and I also want to avoid the career shift.

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I wanted to re-enlist in the army a few years ago and I also wanted to grow old er.

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All the time. I figure out how to choose both.

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Yes…two men…completely different…one old…one new…which one to choose…so difficult…;)

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I once had an internal debate for sushi or ice cream. Then I found wasabi ice cream.

never do that again

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Sure, and I usually do both, get both, have both, whatever.

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I can remember wanting two women. Now I have one and love her more than I can express. I still look but I would never touch another woman while both of us live, and probably forever.

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Waiting for a friend to pick up the phone because I want to hang out with them, but simultaneously hoping that they won’t actually pick up so I won’t have to hang out with them.

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Yes! Food and dessert all at the same time! Don’t try it.

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