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Is Cain able? (See details).

Asked by ETpro (34605points) November 10th, 2011

At last night’s CNBC Republican Debate, on question after question, Herman Cain worked the answer into 9–9-9. It seems that 9–9-9 is the answer to everything. Is Cain able to lead the nation with the simplistic answer that economists have already said would make a currently bad situation far worse?

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No, he is not. The 9–9-9 tax idea is regressive and unfair.

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No. He’s an idiot, and I don’t believe a word he says.

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It’s hard to believe that even he believes what he’s trying to sell. It’s a scam. He must be deliberately stupid to believe his own hogwash.

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All of the republican presidential candidates are not fit for President. That’s pretty much how it goes. Lol.

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I can see where Herman Cain got his ideas from as the video game SimCity 4, which came out in 2003, taxes players nine per cent for industrial taxes, nine per cent for residential taxes and nine per cent for commercial taxes.

It is too simplistic for the real world and it is unfair as the poor would pay far more than the rich.

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Are you forgetting that this clown held the position for 8 years? Apparently the American public would vote for this if it was on the ballot. twice.

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I just stumbled on a priceless (punn intended) video about the best possible tax plan,

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Is Cain Abel, I mean able? Lol. Well, no.

But Perry did worse in last night’s CNBC debate. He could have gotten tips from W. Bush himself and probably would have done better!

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those were just the default values. try having a properly functioning city with these,

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Herman Cain is a marketeer. And from the looks of things, a damned good one. I can’t get behind the 9–9-9 plan, probably for different reasons than most of the crowd here but still can’t buy into it. A simple tax code has a lot of appeal for most Americans and that’s the sentiment that Cain is tapping. 9–9-9 has made Cain a household name and is changing the debate to a more simplified tax code. I suspect Cain will wither over the next few weeks but we’ll all be better off by having been exposed to that plan. Hopefully a simpler tax plan will emerge with better economic principles. If that happens we’ll have Cain to thank for it.

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Jaxk :: Ask Steve Forbes how the flat tax worked out for him.

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@ragingloli You mean the default values for SimCity wouldn’t work for the US economy. Somebody should tell Cain before he makes a fool of himself.

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Unfortunately, we don’t run with the same crowd (more’s the pity). You’d need to explain your point for me to get it.

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Steve Forbes was a presidential candidate in 1996 and 2000 that advocated a flat tax. Everyone thought it was retarded and he was face-fucked in the polls.

Read a book.

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He got the 9–9-9 idea from a maid in a german hotel.
I am more worried about his ignorance of China having the Bomb.

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@filmfann Or where the hell Ubeki beki stan stan is. LOL!

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I bet you felt really clever when you came up with the exact wording of this question

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@Jaxk Another rare moment of agreement. While I believe strongly in a progressive rather than flat tax, I wouldn’t touch a single rate or barcket till we drastically simplify the code. We could eliminate 75,000 pages of leagalese nobody can decipher, raise far more revenue and never change a single rate.

Whatever brackets we end up with should be indexed to inflation as well, so inflationary creep doesn’t soom render them ridiculous.

@cockswain Let’s just say when the thought floated into my mind, I couldn’t resist asking it here. :-)

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I mean the default values will not work in the game either beyond the initial stages of your city.

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That is rare. I’ll refrain from further comment since this shows that consensus can be reached even when ideologies are miles apart.

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@tom_g It just further confirms what we learned when Cain revealed his plan to prevent China from getting nuclear weapons—something he assured us Obama was unable to do. On at least the last point he is correct, since China has been a nuclear power since 1964. But I really don’t think Cain has access to time travel, and that’s what it would take to put his master plan for China into effect. When it comes to foreign policy, they guy is dumber than a doorknob.

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