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What search terms will Mitt Romney('s team) type in Google to find a running mate?

Asked by rebbel (24989points) April 20th, 2012

In the movie (and the book, I suppose) Game Change it is stated that John McCain and his team Googled for a suitable running mate in the 2008 Presidential election campaign.
They found Sarah Palin…
Will they look for a woman again (with the ‘danger’ that opponents will pull the ‘next Palin’ card?
What search terms would/should they type into Google in order to find a running mate that will make for a winning team?

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I think they already have asked Rubio, they are just going to wait until the convention to name him, so if something comes up between now and then they can change their mind without too much drama.

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Person with proven US birth, open college records, patriotic friends and pastor…

(Where do you come up with these questions? You are so creative.)

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Barefoot, pregnant, and kitchen.

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Person with NO drug record, NO record of sexual deviancy or infraction, NO fraternization with known scientists or other believers in factual data like evolution and climate change. Person with a highly right-wing voting record, a penchant for smiling with babies, and who loves apple pie and hot dogs.

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Christian, Black, Female, Professional, Government Experience, Excellent Debater.

Yep, Condoleeza Rice. Link

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If any of them have an iPhone 4s maybe they will ask Siri who Romney’s running mate should be and bypass Google entirely. :-)

And the only chance of their opponents pulling a “the next Palin” card is if they choose someone like Sarah Palin. She wasn’t qualified for the job, plain and simple. The hits she took, at least most of them, not the cheap shots, she deserved, in my opinion. If they choose some sort of Sarah Palin clone and people play the “Palin card” the will only have themselves to blame.

and, @ro_in_motion, I’m not a big fan of Condoleeza Rice, and I may have disagreed with her and her role in supporting and enacting the policies of the Bush administration but she’s smart educated and knows her stuff; there’s no risk of Rice being accused of being another Sarah Palin.

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@lillycoyote Rice is definitely not a Palin. I wasn’t suggesting that.

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Oh, @ro_in_motion, no, no, no… I wasn’t suggesting that at all! That you were suggesting Rice was another Palin. I was referring to what @rebbel said in his details:

Will they look for a woman again (with the ‘danger’ that opponents will pull the ‘next Palin’ card?

You have misunderstood me. I was not suggesting that at all.

You mention of it and the article you linked to was the first I’d heard that Romney was considering Rice as a running mate and I meant that if Romney chose Rice, there would be no danger of her being compared to Sarah Palin.

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They would search for someone attractive, Caucasian, unfeeling, uncaring, inflexible and subservient.

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“Woman only a man can love” with that search they’ll get a plethora of lovely Republican women willing to give up their rights to work for/with “the man”.

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I ‘m not Jenniehowell in drag. But I approve her message.

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@lillycoyote Cool :)

I wrote the description first, btw, then realised Rice fit the bill and only then looked to see if she was a contender. :)

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I am very curious if he will go for someone who appeals to the ultra conservatives, or someone more moderate as a signal to the independents and democrats.

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Hispanic, pro-life, opposes gay marriage. Not Rubio. I think he has a couple of skeletons in the closet.

Susan Martinez, or Jeb Bush (he’s married to a Latina.)

I think either one would really energize that ticket.

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Jeb Bush probably would make a good VP, but how many people will vote against him because of his brother?

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I wonder if Jeb is willing to be VP? I think Rubio would only help the FL vote, and not affect the rest of the Hispanic vote much at all.

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World class loser type.

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