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What are some good ideas for a slingshot?

Asked by bluejay (1014points) November 10th, 2011

I’m attempting to make my first ever weapon and I’ve decided to make a slingshot. This will be my first time constructing a weapon of even small playful proportions. In fact I’m not very experienced with constructing anything.
I found a forked stick and I’ve started de-barking it. I plan on tying a few thick rubber bands to each end and attaching them to slits in an old shoe soul. Anyone have any suggestions for improving it? Maybe a different idea for the sling or a replacement for the forked stick? I just need some ideas in my head so I can improve it.

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Attach your elastic material to some kind of “pocket” so that you can more easily launch your ammo. Why are you making a slingshot?

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How about make just a sling weapon. I think it’s cooler.

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The wood for your slingshot should be relatively green and about as thick at the two ends of the slingshot as a large thumb.

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What about a slingshot that also finds water??

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I used to use what was called surgical tubing 30 some odd years ago. It is a tan colored rubber tubing you can wrap around each prong and tightly wire the ends to hold it on. If your “Y” is thick enough you would want to notch the tips some to help keep the rubbers in place. A piece of leather for the sling pocket with slits in each end for the tubing to pass through and fasten them same way as on the front. Like the Cap’t said use green wood so it will flex instead of snap clean off and dot your eye. Just like any weapon development you will see areas to improve and make several models to dial in the finished product. Once you perfect the basic design then you develop more powerful versions. It’s all going to be trial and error to get something satisfactory.

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I’ll check with David and get back to you.

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Oh, shoot. And here I was going to give you a list of targets

The surgical tubing is a good idea.

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I’m not sure surgical tubing exists any more. Don’t the hospitals use other stuff now?

If someone can model a weapon after the “wrist rockets” that were made of thick aluminum wire that the tubing slid over the ends, they would have something to reckon with. The frame extended back and went over the forearm and provided tons of leverage

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Go big time, build a trebuchet!

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@digitalimpression I’m just making it for practice shooting and in case I’m ever lost in the woods I’ll know how to make one, and to test some ammo I made… :)

Where would I get surgical tubing?

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I just googled “surgical tubing” there are a few places that supply it, even an article on making a slingshot with it, so there you go :)

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Thanks all! I’ll be shooting some special ammo with a friend in a few days! :)

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We used ordinary marbles for when we wanted consistency but 99% of the time we just scrounged for decent rocks. I tagged a sparrow that was maybe 40 ft up flying straight (big mistake) with a sorta round rock. It curved right into it. That was a once in a lifetime thing I’m sure.

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Hah! I bet that was fun lol.
I have some special ammo I’ll be making. I thought of it and improved it in 2 minutes. You take one of those colorful Easter eggs that split in half and put a heavy rock in it. Fill it the rest or the way with gasoline. Wrap it in paper and lite the paper on fire. My hopes is that it’ll light things on fire that it hits! Oh and don’t worry I’m not stupid when I use fire.

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I don’t think that gas idea is going to turn out the way you want, but that’s just me…having done many-a-stupid thing in my younger years.

Wanna do something different? Get some of those Estes rocket motors and a tube of some kind and get your own RPG.Hint: a rubber end of a toilet plunger fastened to the muzzle will keep most of the back blast out of your face,most of it.

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Oh well we’ll see if it works. If it doesn’t what’s the worst that can happen…. burn myself a little!

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Um, ok. Best of luck to ya.

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“Burn myself a little” as the worst that could happen with that asinine idea, @bluejay?

You’re talking about pulling a little flaming bomb next to your ear (in the way that most slingshots are used) and you’re thinking that getting “a little burned” is the worst that could happen?

Hopefully you’ll have a witness with a cellphone with 911 on speed dial. But maybe they won’t need that: your screams should direct the EMTs pretty well, I’d imagine…

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He’s been warned, molitov cocktails = bad

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@CWOTUS actually it wouldn’t be a bomb at all. It will be highly (very highly) combustible, but definitely not a bomb. Oh and I won’t be pulling it toward my ear. I’ll be puling it toward my eyes. I rely more on my ears than eyes. :P Don’t worry I’ll be sure to update you if I ignite my eyes on fire.
@woodcutter Who’s says I’m a guy? Do you assume it because I’m talking about flaming weapons?

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@bluejay I was just giving you the benefit of the doubt ;)

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