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Is a question about a question about a question about a lurve party being a popularity contest a lurve party popularity contest if the question was not submitted as an official question, but rather a question within said question?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) November 10th, 2011

I mean, a fluther question isn’t really born until it is asked officially. Simply giving a response to a question in the form of a question isn’t exactly addressing the topic. Right?

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I predict Fluther will implode within 10 iterations.

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(Recursive answer 9 (recursive answer 8 (recursive answer 7 (recursive answer6 (recursive answer 5 (recursive answer 4 (recursive answer 3 (recursive answer 2 (recursive answer 1))))))))).

Phew… stopped just before the implosion point.

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Forget about Fluther imploding, my brain is going to implode.

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I feel like I’m standing between two mirrors.

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As Socrates said in Plato’s Republic, I’ve always felt that it is.

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I’m sorry. :-(

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@Brian1946 You know, very few people read Book XI of Plato’s Republic. I’m quite impressed.

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Damn it, who divided by zero?

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Simply giving a response to a question in the form of a question isn’t exactly addressing the topic. Right? No it isn’t, not in a direct way. It would be if someone ask, ”I am planning to fly back to Manhattan, have you heard if it was snowing?”, and I respond ”Isn’t Manhattan very cold?”. I did not really give them any helpful information. I did not tell them if it was snowing and if they had any chance of getting a flight in.

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Questions that other questions call into question in turn call into question other questions.
Less verbosely: questions that other questions question in turn question other questions.
Leaving out the filler: questions questions question in turn question questions.
Down to the bone: questions questions question question questions.

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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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@dappled_leaves Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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What? Could you repeat the question? lol

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@Ltryptophan, go outside once in awhile.

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@lillycoyote you don’t actually believe that, you’re just being obtuse because I asked it….

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It seemed like a very straightforward yes or no question to me. But for you, @Ltryptophan I will reread it, carefully, and see if I have missed anything. I could be wrong.

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Ya know, if someone really wanted to rile up the gang, a pet popularity test would be the way to do it. hahaha Marwyn and Lizzie are THE bomb!

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The answer, of course, is 42.

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@Coloma LOL. Let’s do it. Let’s set fire to this place! Marwyn and Lizzie. Best ever! A goose and her dog. (The riot police are now on alert.)

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And, @Ltryptophan, I have reread your question and my answer is now: a box of Morton salt.

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It’s all about the Benjamins

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Why don’t sea slugs die from the salt water?

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I think you’ll find the answer to your question in the frizzer.

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Wait. What?

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I seem to be thinking about woodchucks.

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Get a life.

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If you have to ask then the answer is… you probably shouldn’t.

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I thought I already answered this question, about starting a nonsense thread?

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@Sunny2 that’s nonsense!

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