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Is it good etiquette to use GQ and GA lurve to help the OP have a reference point for a popular thread?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10196points) November 10th, 2011

Ok, so if I answer a question, or if I ask, and I see someone has paid enough attention to Lurve it. That will get me to click the lurve so I can get over there and see what I did that was so good, or what they might have said/other activity that might be happening there. So in that way Lurve acts like a sort of alert.

I’m sure everyone is already doing this, I’d just like to point it out as a passive behavior that can now be brought into focus.

If you agree that this is happening and don’t see a change likely to come to make a system that does something similar to the Lurve reference system I’m refering to, then please do the following if you’re still reading…

Give me a GQ/GA if you want me to come back to a certain spot and see what’s going on or you’re about to post.

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I gave you a GQ because I want you to come back and explain this question to me. I have a pretty simple mind~.

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I actually didn’t use the system I mentioned. I just used the standard alert, but let’s say that I had a bunch of alerts, and when I saw that someone had lurved this question in particular, I just skipped through all those other alerts and used the lurve ticker to jump right over here…like for instance when you GA this response.

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I don’t use the lurve notifications as a way to jump to questions, so I don’t know how much it would help others. I go back to questions strictly when there is new activity on the question and it pops up in my “activity for you” area. I don’t feel like I need to go back to a question just because someone gave me lurve in it. I’d rather only go back if there is something new to it.

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Yes. Wait, what? I’m flagging everything in Meta I don’t understand and not asked by me.

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I generally do hand out GQ lurve to a question that is interesting or asks for answers on an important issue, or is just plain fun. I hand out GA lurve pretty liberally as well. I withhold it if I feel the answer isn’t responsive to the question or is flat wrong.

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The lurve ticker and community feed don’t show up on the mobile site. That’s how I’m usually accessing fluther so I’m not affected by the lurve at all.

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This is actually how I use the site. I went as far as removing all the activity crap since it is annoying and poorly designed.

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I tend to use a combination of my activity and the lurve ticker. I click on questions lurved for being great which quite often tend not to make it onto my questions for you list. I also click on recently lurved answers. I have found that I am missing out on some pretty good discussions by just sticking with my questions for you so I am going more and more the way of @johnpowell,

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I give GAs and GQs for good answers and good questions. The attention that may draw is a by-product of that.

Nice attempt at lurve whoring though.

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Is that what this is? I wondered. I’m afraid it was written in such a piss-poor way that that was about the only sense I could make out of it. “Give me lurve and I’ll talk to you.” Well guess what. I ain’t givin’ you no lurve!

Make of that what you will.

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