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Apple has scrapped iDVD from iLife, what can I use as substitute?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26577points) November 11th, 2011

I haven’t been editing in iMovie and burning them in iDVD for a while so I was so surprised finding out Apple has kept iMovie in iLife but scrapped iDVD! Awful, simply awful!

An Apple tech opined maybe the iDVD burning feature is not much in demand these days so it was discontinued. It was terribly disappointing because the new iMovie11 has got some nice improvements and there is no iDVD to share it with! Lol.

Can you help? Thanks very much.

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You could try moviegate Ive no idea if it’s any good but i seem to recall several apple blogs sugesting it as an alternative to iDVD back when iLife 11 came out.

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Ummm. I have iDVD ‘11. I just pushed a project from iMovie to iDVD with no problems.

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Looks like I was lucky and they have killed it. Color me surprised.

If you need a copy send me a PM. No loss in sharing dead software.

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Aparantly if you buy the boxed version iDVD is included but not if you buy the download version from the app store. Also it’s not on new macs either (but the way things are going they’re probably won’t be DVD drives in new macs before long any way).

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