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What are you favored editing methods for effects in iMovie?

Asked by trickface (2346points) October 10th, 2008

I’m making a music video and wondered what fluthers most loved effects were and what they used them for.

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crossfading is beautiful!

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For me it really depends on the type of music.

What is the type?

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A good composition of the right shots in sequence doesn’t need effects. Professionally effects are only used in those situations where there isn’t another option. Or they are used on purpose, but these are the more obvious and extremely present ones made by digital artists.

I’d say, find the right shots that fit tight and edit them to the pace of the music.

little trade secret: Often reporters shoot a short reel of “yes”, “no”, “please continue” and followup questions. at the same background where they just held an interview. So they can put that camera shot in between the actual interview. (they only carry one camera)

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Another secret is to use that extra you would generally cut off. That movement. Say you have an upbeat tempo or a fast beat. If you have video where the camera movement hasn’t stopped don’t cut in after that, use that as part of your movement.

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@Jax – I agree. Often effects used can be excessive and distracting from what’s actually happening. Inexpertly used effects may cause a viewer to stop watching. Use them with caution.

The one effect that I heavily depend upon is colorization – making sure all the clips in the piece have the colour tone I want. As for favourite editing techniques, I’m a fan of the jump cut. This is probably because I’m a vlogger.

@trick – How’s the music video coming along?

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