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Buy MacBook Pro now or wait till June?

Asked by djbyron (147points) March 15th, 2008

FIrst off I know that with Apple you’ll never be able to keep up with the latest hardware (unless you’ve got money to burn). But here’s my problem. I just ordered a MacBook Pro 17” high res a few days ago. The following two days I watch as numerous blog entries are posted telling of quad-core processors shipping Q3 this year. I have at least a week to cancel my order but I’m not sure if I should.

Question is: If you were in my situation would you wait until June to see if the MB Pro gets a quad-core update, or should I just go ahead and let mine ship? I plan on doing some but not a ton of video editing on it using Final Cut Express so I could benefit from the 4 cores.

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Do you need a Macbook Pro now, or do you need it later?

It depends on your choice: buy now – you’ve got a Macbook Pro, buy later: don’t have a Macbook Pro, but later, you’ve got a better one.

Are you going to use it for heavy apps?

If so, take higher specs (wait)
If not, take this one (don’t wait)

Good luck!

I want a MBP too, but I need more money first… :P
I’m taking the 2,5GHz, 2GB, 512MB video model, but maybe then (in 2,5 years) there are other models.

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O sorry, I was too quick.

Maybe you should wait. :$

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I really doubt you will see a quad-core chip in one by then. And I mean I am 99% certain that you won’t.

And they just got a bump within the last month. You will probably have to wait six months for a update. I would stick with what you have ordered.

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And remember that even if new macs come out – macs are known for lasting forever, and staying powerful into old age. My 8 year old PowerBook is a perfect example. There’s never been anything I couldn’t run or do with my comp. And I can still sell it.

Minor tech bumps such as a new processor don’t make huge differences in performance; noticable, yes.

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When it comes to computers, you just have to buy now. There will eternally be something better coming along soon so you’re losing time which is more valuable. Just buy something with some upgrade-ability… and then start saving for the next one!

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Thanks guys… You’ve convinced me to not cancel and buy now! I agree a quad core won’t double performance so I’ll be good with this one for a few years. I AM glad that I did wait until now though… The new Penryn processors and the led displays definitely help battery life and in all actuality getting a first generation quad-core would only decrease the battery life. Thanks!

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Plus the gesture touch pads are ftw!

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