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Does it cost money to receive calls from gmail?

Asked by adr (434points) November 11th, 2011

When logged into gmail, there is the option to “call phone” in the chat window on the left. When you click “call phone”, you can enter a mobile or landline phone number and gmail will call that phone. It is free for the gmail caller.

My question is, does the mobile or landline that you are calling get charged? If it is a mobile that is roaming, do they get charged? If the mobile is not roaming?

I have searched the internet, but cannot find the answer to this very simple question. Anyone have better luck than I?

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It does not cost the person you are calling.

By the way, this is Google Voice and it is amazing. I’ve been using it for years as my primary number. The amount of configuration you can do with this is amazing.

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I believe it depends on the receiving phone’s plan. So if my friend calls me on her Google phone (A) and I pick up on my cellphone (B), and we’re both in the US, then it’s free for A and just part of normal minute usage for B. But if A calls B while B is roaming, then B is charged roaming rates (same as for all other calls), and A might get charged for making an international call. And that’s assuming A is always in the US. Here’s the list of rates.

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What if I am calling from a google phone to a Canadian cell phone roaming in the USA?

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Free for you, roaming charges for them (assuming they have roaming charges attached when traveling to the US).

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My understanding is it works just like any other American phone number. Normal fees would apply based on the specifics of their plan. If they are roaming when they receive the call they will be charged for roaming if their plan says so. If they are not roaming, they will be charged as their plan dictates for any other U.S. based phone call. I really don’t see what you are confused about.

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“What if I am calling from a google phone to a Canadian cell phone roaming in the USA?”

It is not a matter of Google’s terms but of the receiving phone’s terms, obviously. What does the Canadian cell phone plan say? Does it say you get charged for accepting phone calls from US? Does it say you get charged for roaming in US? Calling from Google Voice is like calling from any other American phone.

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