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Is there any way to stop/prevent the squirrels & birds from eating the fruit of my trees?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 14th, 2008

And if so, would you please tell me how? Last year I lost all my avocados, peaches, tangerines to the squirrel and birds.

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Well I can only thing I can think of is a soapy spray, like they use on roses so bugs won’t eat them. You can buy it or make it yourself, all you need to do is get a squirt boddle and fill it with soap and water. But that would take a long time to spray all of them. You should go to a local hardware store and ask them, but not one like Ace. They should have something for you.

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We use to pick our peaches off the tree as soon as they got a little color and we would just let them get fully ripe inside. But a friend of minte discovered that if you put a mechanical reindeer under the tree and leave it on, the birds wouldnt go to tree.

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Tree netting for the birds. For the squirrels, they make a metal collar you put around the tree that can keep them from climbing up and eating the fruit.

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Reed is right. Only mechanical protection ( strong and supported netting, cages) will keep critters away from what they love. Don’t even try berries.

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Yeah netting or a cage is really the best option. But maybe putting a scary owl out wouldn’t hurt.

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Reed and gail are correct. I tried EVERYTHING, even found myself out there pleading with the birds, telling that all the pears on the top of the tree were theirs, just leave a few on the bottom for me. Netting was the only thing that worked, and it’s a bear to get on and off, believe me, the taller the tree, the harder. In Hawaii, they use the metal bands as well for palm and other trees to keep the rats off of them. The rodents can climb your trees, and, if within jumping distance of the house, can make their way to your roof and make your house their home.

I tried the flashy mylar and even bad CD’s and that didn’t work either. The mechanical reindeer is funny, do they make those with solar controls so you don’t have to keep them plugged in?

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Well if nothing else works I guess you could go all Rambo on the pests and hunt them down!

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You can make spike wraps and wrap them around the branches. My grandfather used to do this by pushing nails through a piece of leather and then tieing it around the branches and near the fruit.

You can also try a fake owl or fake crows, you just have to move them around from time to time.

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we had a fig tree growing up in our yard and as a child I remember we bought a real looking fake rubber snake and wrapped it in the branches to ward off squirrels and birds it worked for us!

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Boy are you lucky having squirrels! when my daughter and I were driving up the coast from L.A. to Seattle we stopped soewhere and saw squirrels, they were lovely—and friendly, I wish we had squirrels here in N.Z.

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@Wanderer; send me your address posthaste; I will pay for postage and handling. Specifiy size, sex, colour, plz. Buyer beware

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