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Where is everyone from?

Asked by pcapest1 (7points) June 24th, 2007

Just wondering.

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I am from Aurora, IL. The land of Wayne's World, if anybody saw that movie.

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I'm "from" the U.S. (Seattle, growing up), but I now live in Kerikeri, New Zealand, way up in the northern tip of the north island.

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Rural, eastern New York, abutting on the MA border, near the Berkshires, Tanglewood, Jacob's Pillow, Lenox, Stockbridge. Dairy farms, more cows than people, corn fields, beautiful sunsets and dark, clear skies at night...good astronomical viewing, plentiful wild life and bad superabundance of ticks. Good question. Everyone seemed to be from LA, SF or Seattle.

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Pittsburgh, PA - land of chipchopped ham and sammiches with fries and coleslaw on 'em! I live in Alameda, CA now (and I love it here), but I'll always be a Pittsburgher at heart...

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Columbia, SC and Charlotte Nc - Land of fried chicken, southern hospitality, and where racism still thrives.

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Schenectady, NY - in upstate. It's the birthplace of General Electric as well as "Ileum" in Kurt Vonnegut novels. It was a strange, strange place to grow up . . .

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I'm from an independent Jewish village in the former German West Africa.

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Memphis, TN, originally. However, I have lived many different places, and have spent most of my life on the west coast (CA, OR, WA). Currently, I live near Seattle.

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I'm from Hertfordshire, England. Just round the corner from Leavesden Studios where the Harry Potter Films are, well... filmed.

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Glasgow Scotland, home of Iron Bru, Glsgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers.

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San Francisco, CA. Born and raised in Portland, OR.

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Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska - still there if anybody wants to drop by and say hi on a sightseeing tour d-:

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Berkeley, CA. Grew up in Oakland, CA.

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born and raised in new york city, live now in portland, oregon.

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Way out West :-)

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Born NYC. Live now in Seattle (Capitol Hill area). Love it here!

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@sdeutsch ur talkin about Permanti Bros. right? Love that place.

New York

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@mm20 Yep, Primanti Bros. it is! I just moved back to Pittsburgh, and I’m reveling in the Pittsburgh food – there’s nothing like it in California!

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