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It's Feel Good Furzday for me - I was just complimented, by two different people, on both my looks and brains - have you been complimented, lately?

Asked by zensky (13367points) November 16th, 2011

I will flag your depressed asses if you so much as write anything negatory.

I want only jellies who have been complimented recently – and it made them feel GREAT about it.

Thanks for your co-operation. Now smile, or else.

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Someone named @zensky told me I’m smart. ;)

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Yeah, well…. I got a nice compliment from a boy in an antiquated Fluther thread where nobody will see it.

Elsewhere, I just went to my local kwiky mart and was delighted to see the boy who left several months ago. I told him how glad I was to see him and he said he was back because he missed me.

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Awwwww. Gotta lurve it!

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I cooked dinner for the family last night, the wife was impressed. I mean, at least the kitchen isn’t in a blackened state!!
She said…& I quote, “Oh darling, is there no beginning end to your talents?”
My kids confirmed that I was indeed “the best dad in the world”
That’ll do for me, for now.

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Best dad always gets me all choked up.

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Aww thanks, it was a touching answer I know.

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The women at the convenience store i go to every day have decided my nickname is “handsome guy”.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought when you show up looking like David Tennant, that’s just something you’ll have to get used to hearing. :)

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^Don’t make me pull out a pic of what I really look like again!!!

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oh I saved that one. It’s my phone wallpaper, doncha know?

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I was told by a professor that she can’t believe I’m not a grad student. I’m a freshman in undergrad. (Though also second-year, but am just under the level of credits that ups you to official sophomore status).

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Over two months ago, 86 year old Mom fell and broke her leg. I went to take care of her and the house while she was in a rehab hospital. Two days ago, she had a post-discharge appointment with her regular doctor. I prepared a list of questions and concerns, and we went through them quickly with the doctor. One included constant back pain Mom was experiencing. I brought in a chart I made that tracked how often she took aspirin and what level her pain was at that time. The doctor immediately issued x-rays and discovered a compression fracture in her spine that hadn’t been discovered at the hospital.

The doctor asked if she could use me as the poster child on how to prepare for a doctor’s appointment in order to set a patient up for success. It felt really good that I had helped her help Mom. It was very kind of her to mention it. We all need to provide more of these “Feel Good Furzdays”, don’t we?

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I got a PM from a jelly thanking me for a couple of answers that I gave that helped them. It made me feel great.

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I was recently told by both a jelly friend and my husband that I am the coolest person they know. I thought that was awesome. And hilarious. I am so not cool!

The other night, one of my teenage daughters told me she was grateful for my presence in her life. It made me cry.

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Okay, I fear your flag here, but this is what came to me.
This guy got really angry at me at work. He started by yelling at me, then refused to talk to me.
After several weeks of the silent treatment, he has gone back to yelling at me, but about other people.
I see that as progress, and I am grateful.

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I’ll let that one slide cause it’s you buddy. But don’t let me catch you raining on my parade again. :-)

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I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. That kind of information is top secret!

Just don’t look at some comments in response to my answers yesterday.

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My autistic step son told me and then my husband that I was really great, just last week, and that I was the only one in the family who ‘gets’ him. I cried. That was a pretty big deal for me. Thanks, @zensky, for making me remember that, because I was pretty down today about some stuff.

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Yes actually. I appreciate the verbal or written compliment completely.
Simple recognition like that can make a big difference.

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I saw my MIL yesterday and she did not insult my hair or my weight! Usually there is some comment. (then again, I am blond again (her favorite) and I am at my ideal weight right now.)

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Yesterday, I was driving in my car with a friend of mine and I told him I was weird. He protested and I insisted that I am, in fact, a weird girl and he responded, “Okay, you’re interesting. How about that? You’re a very interesting girl.” It made me giggle. :)

The same friend has noticed not once but TWICE when my makeup looked particularly stunning. Finally! A male who compliments me when I spend 20 minutes in the bathroom applying powders and ointments to my face! :D

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The last compliments I remember was from my boyfriend about my figure and my singing teacher about a recent performance.

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After looking at the songs I have on my iPhone a workmate told me, “You have pretty good taste in music for someone your age.”
Gee, thanks.

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That was the sound a backhanded compliment makes when it slaps you in the face.

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This one is a bit old, but I feel the need (cough cough) to add it.

This summer, when I was on vacation in New Orleans, I got asked for my ID in a liquor store.
(hint… I’m over 40)

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When I joined a new school recently, I wrote an article on “Numinous experiences” as told by my teacher. When I handed it in, she first told me that I had to write an article, not copy one.
I was quite taken aback and told her that I had written that article myself. At first she didn’t believe me, but when I finally convinced her she said : “In my whole fifteen years that I have teached, I have never seen this standard of work done by one of the students. This is really outstanding.
Can’t really describe the feeling I had then.

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@Aethelflaed I would agree with that assessment of you, absolutely.

My latest compliment took place yesterday. A professor of mine that I admire told me he was particularly impressed with my contributions to the class and my grasp of sociological classical theory given that I’ve never studied theory in an official manner before – he said I was heads above my entire cohort. That was good.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thank you so much (especially since I traditionally have some issues with believing I’m smart and/or good at school).

And, really? You’ve never studied theory in an official manner? I would have pegged you for someone who got a minor in philosophy at some point…

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Excellent! How did you convince your teacher that it was your work?

I had a similar experience, except that said doubt was only cast on a single phrase that I had written and not the whole report itself. In my case, I didn’t challenge the teacher’s remark because I got a decent grade on the overall report.

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Yes, my boss did as I was leaving work, on a “Job well done”… Then he asked me to work Saturday & Sunday :-/ what could I say? Lol……

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Yes, many co workers yesterday and a few phone calls this morning. The compliments were mostly about my wedding day pictures but there were several about my in-laws and friends who got to meet each other. I’m very aware I’m lucky with the close people in my life.

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@Aethelflaed Nope. Just like with theory, I know a lot of philosophy by studying it on the side. My minors were in Russian Lit and Anthropology.

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Yep- someone I just encountered told me that of all the people she’s met, I was the most recent. ;-D

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@Brian1946 I just made my point clear to her and I think argued in a polite way.
Excuse me miss, but this is most definitley my work.

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You said to your professor Excuse me miss and then proceeded to misspell definitely? That wasn’t very “polite.”

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@zensky :P She wasn’t a professor, she was a teacher, definitley.

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Professor and teacher are synonymous. Excuse me miss is impolite. And you’ve still misspelt it.

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@zensky- Professor and teacher are most certainly not synonymous. You have to earn a professorship. It even supersedes doctor as a title.

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@zensky I have been informed by several of my professors that it would be a serious faux pas to call a professor a teacher.

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@zensky Aw Goofball, I misspelt it on purpose :P
And over here, ‘Excuse me miss’ is not regarded as being an impolite thing to say.
@AstroChuck Thanks for clearing that up for me Chuck :)

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A professor and a teacher both teach – I hadn’t read up whether the kid was in college or in school – and had assumed the former. In any event, one shouldn’t address their teacher/instructor/professor with excuse me miss.

Your official American English dictionary, Merriam-Webster has this to say in it’s second entry for professor;

noun \prə-ˈfe-sər\

Definition of PROFESSOR


: one that professes, avows, or declares


a: a faculty member of the highest academic rank at an institution of higher education

b: a teacher at a university, college, or sometimes secondary school c: one that teaches or professes special knowledge of an art, sport, or occupation requiring skill


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@zensky Yeah, but most professors see it as an issue of respect, and there’s often not a whole lot to be gained by going down this path. So, professor it is.

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@zensky I’m sorry if I hurt you man, I was just teasing with the spellings. I’ve learnt a new thing today though, that teacher and professor mean the same thing.

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Aw, zen, you’re ruining your own question.

Today, a friend of one of my coworkers came to visit her. He looked at me as I was walking over and said, “You are beautiful.” Made me giggle. :)

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@zensky I can back @MilkyWay way up here. Addressing a female teacher as Miss is expected in many secondary schools here. Saying “excuse me Miss” in a polite way is not considered rude.

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