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What was nicest (most random) compliment that you've ever been given?

Asked by Jude (32120points) April 29th, 2009

I’m talking about your personality/character here, not about the physical.

I was in a coffee shop with some friends and a young-ish, hippie family came up to me (after having finished their lunch) and the father said, “You genuinely seem like a happy person.” and then he smiled. I then thanked him, and they walked out… Random, but, nice. :)

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On more than one occasion people have told me not to change and as a young man a senior citizen said “when I grow up I want to be just like you.”

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“You’re different” is always great to hear.

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A few months ago this middle-age woman saw my 9 year-old daughter and myself interactioning with one another at an outdoor mall. She casually came over and told me what a wonderful father I appeared to be. I had no idea who she was but I think just hearing that made my day.

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I love when people compliment me on my child. When they tell me he is well-behaved, or something along those lines. I feel it is a direct correlation to how I raise my child, which is one of the greatest compliments. My son is a reflection of me and my husband, and it’s nice to hear that we’re doing a good job.

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A woman approached me once in a supermarket and said I have a good aura and that my grandfather was watching over me. My grandfather had a died a month before that. Strange but it made me feel good

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@KalWest I’ve been told I have a good aura as well. That was nice of that woman.

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‘You are my Peter Pan.’

Said by one of my oldest friends, we grew up together, she is now a wonderful married mother with two children, a house with a garden, and a lovely dog.

And yes.. I (politely) refuse to grow up.

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Someone who always saw my husband and me in a coffee shop said, “I’ve noticed that you two are always talking to each other. It’s almost like you’re not married.” I was surprised and pleased.

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I had a guy say I had the most gorgeous feet definitely # 1 on his list now he said and then just continued to stare at them.

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edit: interacting.
Did I really put interactioning? And I used to teach English?

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“You look very intellectual, and that’s different, I like it.”

It’s a strange compliment to receive at a nightclub where typically the only thing admired is T & A, especially in a college town.

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“you are a mix of woman and childlike wonderment”

an ex said it but I still remember it fondly

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“Your grammar is perfect, I had never seen a foreigner speak so well.”

Said by a German chick (in German). It felt really good, because my German is rusty as an old nail, and I was drunk. Then I found out it’s not uncommon.

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@bob_ now I know how to improve my grade in Latin (if only I had known sooner) haha.

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…a florist delivered several dozen yellow roses… being Valentine’s Day, they caught the attention of all the women at their desks…wouldn’t you know it- the card was from a female secret admirer to her male heartthrobe- “me”...

…and no…i didn’t send them to myself…hahahaha!!!

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@exitnirvana Tequilum refero est.

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@bob_ ego congruo! But I doubt my professor would…though he’d find the theory highly amusing.

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Yea – i was pretty taken by it. Mentioning my grandfather was amazing. It reminded me of that show with Lisa Williams “Life among the Dead.” Still can’t say i’m a 100% believer – but I’m way more open to it now.

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“You’re gonna make it.”

It was from this kind-of-Rasta guy and his two adorable boys at a Restaurant I used to work at. It was back in November I’d say.
We were talking about life and he was prying me for information (which I generally hate, especially from customers/strangers). But eventually I realized he just felt some sort of connection and was genuinely interested. I explained to him how unsure I felt about everything and he left me with that comment. I felt pretty amazing the rest of the night.

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In high school I took band much more seriously than I let on. Music was my absolute passion. At the risk of sounding arrogant, I’m a natural at learning to play an instrument. I switched instruments twice a year (marching, then concert) most years, so I ended up playing 6 different instruments, 7 if you included piano in jazz band. I know I was a huge dork. Anyway, I felt especially connected to the brass horns I selected. The semester I played baritone horn was one of my favorites. I was given a solo, and I thought I was quite remarkable, but wasn’t one to brag, so I always played the clown… One day after practice, the first chair flutist came up to me and said I had perfect pitch and beautiful tone and that hearing my solo made her emotional. I felt like someone could see and hear the real me, and it felt fantastic.

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Like @casheroo “Your children are very well behaved.”

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My nephew’s ex-girlfriend once commented that I was one of the most gracefull she knew.

An odd if welcome compliment for someone of my girth.

I am also very pleased to receive compliments on my child’s behavior, but I feel those are shared compliments.

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i went to a show to see sonny (formerly of from first to last, but he has since created a solo project, and i am really really into it, he makes really beautiful music now) with one of my best friends who also adores him. he was basically just an opener for a bunch of mainstream poppier bands that neither of us cared that much for. the crowd however was there for them, and basically just paid no mind to sonny’s set whatsoever. we were kind of disappointed, but danced and sang along and were super super super happy regardless.
anyways, quite awhile after, i was at another show and met this girl, and we started talking and she’d been at the same show. and she was like “were you with another blonde girl?” and i said yes, and she’s like “oh wow, i was with my friend and i was like, those girls are really cool, they’re so into it, when sonny was playing!”. i don’t know, i just thought it was really very cool that she remembered me and my friend for getting into the music, especially since i enjoyed the show so much,

that’s one of the most random compliments i can think of, and one of my favourites. (:

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“I hope you don’t get stolen away by some fire-breathing hell-bitch, you deserve to find someone really nice”

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“most random” When the fluther collective said “That’s not true, you look nothing like the Chupacabra” I thought is was insulting me, but everyone said no because it starts with “That’s not true” Still, it must have come from somewhere?

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At one of my end-of-semester critiques in college, one of the professors (who I thought barely knew who I was) told me that I was “a good citizen of the school.” I often felt like I was just “the good student” in my professors’ eyes, so it was great to have him notice and acknowledge all of the things I did outside of class… I like being a good citizen!

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When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on one of my guy friends, but never told him, because he dated girls that were nothing like me (read: pretty, perky, and popular). He told me once that when he and his friends grew up, I would be a “hot commodity”. It struck me as funny at the time.

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“You make me want to be a better person.”

I had forgotten about this until recently someone essentially told me (in so many words) that I turned them into a shitty person when they were around me :(

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