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Will you tell me something you like about yourself?

Asked by Plucky (10282points) March 18th, 2013

This question hasn’t been asked for 2–3 years (at least not that I could find). If it has, I apologize… may I punished by Auggie’s whips!

Please, no negatives… no “I’m ____ but _____”... just share something you like about yourself.

I’m asking because I’ve noticed some depressing questions popping up lately (more in the Social section), so I figured I’d add a positive one to the collective.

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I like that I have a balance between liking myself versus not liking myself. I’m confident enough that I’m not arrogant. I’m aware of my flaws and I’m aware of my advantages.

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I like that I enjoy others enjoying themselves. If you’re down I need to at least try to get you up.
(No pun intended.)

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I like that I’m clique-less, although I don’t know why.

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I like my imagination and tendency to be a dreamer but also have an increasingly strong anchor in reality.

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I like my body and its abilities (:

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I’m the master of perseverance.

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I like that I’m very organized and I’m good at getting stuff done. I’m pretty handy and can figure out most things. Similarly, I’m autodidactic – which I’m kind of proud of.

I’d like to say I’m a good husband and father, but that’s not really for me to determine.

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Please don’t judge but I love my intellect

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I like everything about myself, because i’m awesome! :-)
@Plucky You’re right about the gloomy, woe is me questions, they appear to go down well here though…says a lot.

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I like my sense of humor… I crack myself up, even when others don’t get it. I like that I no longer repress myself based on seeking the approval of others. I like that I’ve learned to take accountability for myself and my mistakes, rather than seeking to place blame elsewhere (which I was very skilled at doing).

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There are only a few things about myself that I don’t like, so in the spirit of the question I’m not listing them here. Or any other time, if I can help it.

But like @hearkat I especially enjoy my sense of humor and the absurd (how else could I stay here for all these years?) and the feeling that while I may be arrogant from time to time, I’ve earned the right to be. It wasn’t inherited or inborn. I’m not wild about arrogance, but someone does have to occupy the high ground, after all. Otherwise the Goths take over and roll stones down the hill. At least I’m not doing that. Much. Or with really big rocks.

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I’m totally, hugely, frikkingly modest.

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I’m down to earth

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I like my toes, I have ten.

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I am proud as punch of myself for giving up religion. I’m a much better person because of it.

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I like that I am pragmatic and resilient.

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I like my problem-solving ability and resourcefulness.

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I like my perseverance, empathy, and writing ability.
Also my voice and bitchin’ sideburns.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

I like my gentle side. I’m strong and tough, but I also like my sweet and sensitive side. I’m really glad I have that.

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I like the sound of my own voice.

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I like the fact that I am compassionate and I can make people laugh.

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One more thing. At 62, I finally like my own body and how it keeps on working for me.

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@Adirondackwannabe : I like your gentle side too. Real men know it’s ok to be sensitive.

@janbb: That’s wonderful.

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♥ I love that my wonderfulness is surpassed only by my humility. ♥ ;-)

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I’m stubborn and very funny

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I like my creativity and open mind.

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I like my wittiness.

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Wonderful answers everyone! Nice to read :)

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I like my eyes and my twisted sense of humor.

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I like my curly hair. It’s not too hard to manage, and it is unique. It also usually smells really good all the time. I like how it can look different every day.

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I like that I’m approachable, easy to talk to, and someone people come to for advice.

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Please don’t judge me but I love myself, I think I am a good person.

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When it matters I do not give up easily.

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I love my ability to register membership with only the finest sites on the Internet.

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I like that I mostly stay calm when faced with adversity. I have a good sense of the absurd. I laugh easily. And I have very good posture.

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I really am easy on the eyes. People tend to gravitate to me.

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I like knowing I will never be bald.

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Actually, when it comes to having everything on Earth gravitate toward you, there’s something to be said for being really hard on the eyes and for being about 4.75 billion years old. ;-)

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I have a lot more psychological resilience than I ever imagined.

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@All…We have such a wonderful mix of people on Fluther.

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I like my curiosity.

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@Plucky We really do. Today I realised just how much I value the kind words of my friends here.

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