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Congress seems incapable of doing anything meaningful to get Americans back to work. How can we get Congress to go to work putting more Americans back to work?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) November 17th, 2011

Millions of Americans are still out of work. Many have given up looking after a year or more of applying here, there and everywhere with not a nibble. The crop now running the House ran on a platform of “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.” but has done nothing meaningful toward that end since arriving.

They did vote to make a commemorative coin for baseball, and they voted to affirm that In God We Trust, which has been our National motto since 1956, is still it today.

Obama was trying to destroy America’s youth by forcing schools to feed kids a balanced lunch, but Congress saved America’s kids and made sure Godfathers Pizza won’t need to lay any9one off all in one feel swoop. They decided Pizza as a vegetable.

Congressional Republicans also celebrated a big victory today. They stomped dead the plan to put people to work building a nationwide network of high speed trains. There was a great cheer that rang out at the victory of stopping something from happening.

So what do you think. Congress got a couple of big things accomplished, right?

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Yeah, I got a kick out of that the other day when I saw it. But then lest we forget that the GOP is the same group that brought us the Is Ketchup a vegetable? controversy!

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So pizza is a vegetable now? I better be careful while going out to get my pizza then, just in case I fall off the edge of the world.

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I think I’m going to start working towards saving a nice chunk of money, then start the process to become a Canadian citizen. Being a rational person in America is like being in a car full of drunk people that won’t let you drive. So you get pulled over and the cop punches you in the face for not being drunk like everyone else.

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Step 1: Show this to mother.
Step 2: Ensure her that college students get all of their vegetable servings.
Step 3: Eat an entire pizza by myself.

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Excellent. This fits well with my plan, “operation: pretend to be a vegetarian to get laid”!

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@Blackberry You would be a welcome addition. However, I have yelled at people in the past for not choosing to stay and vote when politics becomes depressing. They need your voice!

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Yeah. Get over here @Blackberry. :D

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What is Congree?

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Pro is the opposite of con. The opposite of congress is progress.

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Eh, for transportation, trains at all on the West Coast isn’t such a hot idea, really only for goods/livestock. It’d definitely be underused. But on the East Coast, why the hell not?

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the inmates are truly running the asylum

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Great answers, all. Thanks. @bkcunningham Congree is a mix of fat finger syndrome and failing to notice that my spell checker was underlining my flubbed typing.

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Declaring pizza is a vegetable was probably just a miscommunication. What they meant to say was, considering his responce to that question on Libya, Herman Cain might be a vegetable.

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I don’t see how they are considering pizza to be a vegetable, anyway. They say it is because of the Tomato sauce. Tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.

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Perhaps they should form a Super Committee to get this straightened out @filmfann.

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@bkcunningham Ha! My question got pushed to editing, giving me a second chance to spell out Congress correctly. Just posted this to let you know, and as back up for you in case someone questions what your “What’s congree?“post meant.

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