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What is the correct collective noun for this situation?

Asked by rojo (24169points) November 18th, 2011

Yesterday, my local paper referred to a “gaggle of lawmakers” and, thinking this was not the correct terminology, I asked several friends about it at dinner last night. Their suggestions ranged from the mundane “a murder of lawmakers” or “a waste of lawmakers” to the more virulent “a circlejerk of lawmakers” and “an asswipe of congressmen”.
Anyone else care to weigh in on this and give their ideas?

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A Patronisation of lawmakers?

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A skidmark of lawyers

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From the egocentric view of the lawmakers, they’d be a pride of lawmakers. From my perspective, I like: flush, wad, hairball or cesspool.

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@picante “a cesspool of senators” has a nice ring to it!

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A shiver of sharks.

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“a WASTE of lawmakers?” Isn’t I too many? How could a group of them be a waste? I agree with @rojo. @picante‘s a cesspool is more appropriate than a waste! Mind you, I think we can’t do away with them, and I don’t really think we have too many. I just think that they can get away with FAR too much. I believe that the entire system needs an overhaul. I also know that I am not qualified to overhaul it nor am I qualified to govern.

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@GracieT We were actually thinking along the lines of a waste of time but What about a wasteland of lawmakers?

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Actually sounds quite appropriate. Since a gaggle of geese are messy, noisy, and do little other than feed themselves, I think it fits.

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Just had another random thought—how about “clot”—a clot of lawmakers. Their assemblage literally blocks the flow of anything meaningful ;-)

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@rojo, in that case, I agree. A Wasteland is entirely appropriate!

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How about a labour of lawmakers.

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