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You Guyses?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) June 22nd, 2008

It drives me crazy! I guess it means “you guys” as in, “What are your guyses favorite movie?” I hear intelligent people say this… It annoys me, is it only me? What saying makes you nuts? How do I take someone seriously when they say “you guyses”?

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This reminds me of when people with a college education misuse the pronouns him and her.

For example, Him and I went to the store yesterday or Her and I are going to the movie tonight.

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And I have YOUS. As in Yous got to listen to what she says.

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I’ve always been annoyed with people saying berly instead of barely.. Also when people put your when they mean you’re

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I knows what your saying. You guyses got it down, definately.

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@rowenaz, YOUS GUYS’ perfect example.

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Optimism101: The your/you’re thing bugs me, too…

…but I can deal with that one. The phrase I can’t stand is when some of my friends (actually, just one of them) says “for reals” and when she writes it she spells “reals” with a z, as in “for realz.” Ugh, it gets under my skin sometimes.

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@allie, I understand. It doesn’t make sense that you care, buy it drives you nuts anyway.

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E V O O (rachael ray made this up and I hate it)

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I hate rachel too!!!

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If I could change one thing about our lovely language, it would be to add a distinctive second person plural pronoun and an accompanying possessive! This is such a flagrant lacuna in our vocabulary that we keep coming up with populist coinages. One day one of them will stick, to the great chagrin of traditionalists. But that’s how languages grow.

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Ya’lls are HatErZZZ.


team Rachel Ray!!

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I have heard some one said ALLS,(alls i know….)

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I’m not a hater. The people I know who say yous are white teachers. They complain that I don’t teach my ESL students English fast enough, and then the teachers reinforce all the opposite of what I’m teaching! You IS. REALLY.

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rowenaz I was kidding. But I IS,??? Really? Aw shucks, gee I’m sorry.

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Not a fan of back in the day.

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The Irish have a great way to differentiate between single and plural ‘you’.....Ye! So instead of falling in to the ‘you guyses’ trap (which almost sounds like you’re talking about those Japanese ladies or the hot springs in Iceland), you just say ‘ye guys’ when there’s more than one…....problem solved!!

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I hate “no probs” or “devo” for devastated. I also hate it when people say “was” instead of “were”. As in “Back where you was standing a second ago”.

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TheHaight – I wasn’t calling you a hater, sorry, I was just saying that the YOUS is YOU IS. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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My cousin, raised in California, moved to Arkansas in the early ‘80’s. She was sent to the principal’s office for explaining to her teacher that “yeller” was not the correct pronunciation of “yellow.”
The principal honored my aunt and uncle’s request to change classrooms.


you’re the yeller…

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lately I’ve been catching myself saying idient as isn’t it

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Its okay Rowenaz! :) it’s hard to understand stuff over text sometimes. But thanks for clearing that up.

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What’s the whole EMO revolution? Is it so wrong to be emotional? Now we’ve got the EMO label!

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you guyses -> you guys’s -> you guys’ -> OH NO! Silent apostrophe, must destroy -> you guyses

I think the problem is that people are uncomfortable with the silent apostrophe… and for some reason don’t realize that they could just say “what are your favorite movies?” Or maybe they think that’s too vague or something, since the plural could conceivably only apply to the word “movie”.

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And you wonder why us Texans say “y’all”. This right here is the reason why.

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I was raised in the Chicago area where the second person plural often was expressed as “yous guys”. Example: “I’ll see yous guys later!” It is in the possessive of that phrase that I have heard this example: “We’ll be coming over to yous guys’s house later on tonight.” There is also the “less incorrect” variant you guys and you guys’s.

Later, when I was living in Louisianna and Texas, I became familiar with the term “y’all”. That term is grammatically correct, because it is a contraction for the grammatically correct “you all”. Sometimes you hear the possessive as “y’all’s”. I can live with that. But recently I have heard a trend to use “yalls” as the main pronoun, as in see yalls later and that just makes me cringe, as someone stated about the overuse of “awesome”.

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Omg, Some people are retarded.
My friend and I were in a really nice restaurant the other night and the waitress appears at our table and blurts out “ARE YOU GUYSES OK FOR WATER???”
honestly wtf..

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I’m guilty…

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i hate it when people say ‘Me’ instead of ‘My’ like… ‘Where is me handbag’ ‘Where’s me phone’

Things this might be an Australian bogan thing though…

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@Sariperana Not necessarily only Aussie. I grew up hearing that usage in Irish brogue, and have seen it in a “written” approximation of a Cockney accent. I think it might stem from an alternate pronunciation of the “y” in “my”.

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@Yetanotheruser well I guess we our nation stems from convicts and other immigrants so it’s fairly safe to say that you may be right! :)

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You’re spelling it wrong—You guys’s [possessive form] like the James’s favorite movies
You can get away with the James’ or you guys’ favorites in speech but the other is more correct

BTW Is Youse guys friends?

I hate it when people say “realitor” so many people put an “i” in.
Another pet peeve is saying “I am nauseous [sickening]” instead of “I am nauseated [sick].

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@anartist Would that be like saying: “The realitor had trouble selling the property because it was so neay to the nuculear power station.”?

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The entire “guyses” word gets under my skin. I find it most often in Arizona, I know their educational system is bad but why would anyone try to pluralize a plural. The original word is guy if I make it a plural it becomes guys, end of story!

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Another one that bothers me is when people spell a lot as one word. Would you say I had afew? Would you say I had alittle? Why do you think alot is correct. It’s a simple one and three letter word!

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“I’ll PROLLY go soon” instead of probably. I don’t hear it but I do read it. I mean, where on earth did this person ever once see prolly written anywhere?
“I HADN’T seen that.” Is it not “haven’t? I can see where it would be ok if it was, “I hadn’t seen her before that time and there she was.” (I reserve the right to end sentences in prepositions)
Texas, etc: “We are “FIXIN TUH” leave. It’s going to or getting ready to leave.
Guyses is NYC if I’m not mistaken.
They gave him a “POLYAGRAPH” instead of polygraph.
Heard in Arkansas: “he’s a PHARMIST.”
EVERYTHING is “amazing” now. But much worse? You gaze at your date’s beautiful (fill in blank) and say, “that is INSANE.” The sunset in Montana? It’s INSANE.
Don’t believe what someone says? Say, “SHUT UP!” Not, “really?”
I am guilty of, “Gimme a break. ”

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@Aster I think the “prolly” thing is a product of textspeak.
“HADN’T seen”, when used properly, indicates a past participle, meaning something like: ”(Up to that time) I HADN’T seen that.”
In many dialects “fixing” ( and the dialectic pronunciation “fittin’”) is used as a synonym for preparing, or getting ready.

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Gosh, you guys are being mean! Don’t you know that the “you guys’s” phrase is just a regional thing from the Chicago area? It is the plural possessive form of “you guys.” @AstroChuck You are using it wrong – it is not used the same as “you guys.” It would be used like @trudacia ‘s example of “you guys’s favorite movie” or “you guys’s house.” @anartist You got it exactly right.

Most regions have their little linguistic idiosyncrosies – it puts flavor and color into our speech. Those who use these little regional sayings know quite well that it is grammatically incorrect. Personally I like all the “ya’ll”‘s and “yous” and “fixin’s” and “fer“s. I think it’s cute.

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Something I once thought was very poor was the pronounciation of “ask” as “ax”. I tended to notice it in some Southern (US) dialects, and especially in “black” dialects. I recently heard an expert on TV (you know it has to be true) say that there is documented evidence that this pronunciation has been used for centuries in some of the dialects of London, such as Cockney. The same source also stated that the US Southern dialects, especially eastern, evolved from British dialects closely related to Cockney.

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“Supposebly” really gets under my skin. And also when people spell it “suttle” instead of “subtle.” Oh and one more: “mines,” as in the possessive pronoun (“these shoes are mines”).

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I see that this is a really old question, but I’m about to add my two cents, please. I agree with @jordym84 that “supposebly” really irritates the crap out of me, but I really can’t stand when someone says something along the lines of “I didn’t see no dogs” (or something like that). I just grit my teeth and smile.

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Ack, and I just remembered – I had a friend some years back that, instead of using the word “prior” would say “proprior to this” because he thought it made him sound smarter. Really? I don’t even know from where he acquired his “pronunciation” of that word.

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