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When I say Lincolnshire, what do you think of?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) November 18th, 2011

Again just wondering!

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Sausages! :-/

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and the Lincoln Continental for some reason >.>

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They tested two electric cars, and had to wait 13 hours in Lincoln while their cars recharged at the local university. There they did such exciting things, like sightseeing, brass rubbing, and getting fake tattooes, with James having “Jeremy” tattooed above his buttcrack.

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@ragingloli – I remember seeing that now!

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The Nebraska Cornhuskers from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Horrifying I know.

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Incredibly tall hobbits.

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Boring, I know.

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A village in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinios, USA.

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Wristwatch made in England by two 150 year old men with long beards.

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Grimsby and fishing boats… The Great British countryside… oh and of course sausages!

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Cheesecake Factory north of Chicago.

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Christmas eve carol service in Lincoln cathedral, and the Red Arrows…

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Some small town named after someone named Lincoln who probably founded it.

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England and cheese.

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Flat country.

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sausage and lemonade.

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A county in England with lots of trees and Robin Hood.

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English countryside :)

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Polish and South Africans (my SO, was living up there when I met him)........there a lot around there working in the farms and picking factories…Oh and the flat open landscape. Also has to be the sausages..mmmm..yummy.

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I denno why, but it makes me think of Watership Down.

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