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Why would anyone use a honey dipper instead of a spoon?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38905points) November 18th, 2011

I’ve seen honey dippers in commercials and advertisements. In every picture, the honey is dripping off the stick and, presumably, making a mess that someone else (or ants) will clean up. Why would anyone use these? Is it a culture thing? Where I come from we use a spoon. It doesn’t drip; it’s easy to lick clean, and washes in seconds. I don’t get it. Someone please enlighten me.

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The dipper leaves a more even distribution over the female body than the spoon.

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@Adirondackwannabe My answer exactly.

It drizzles it perfectly as opposed to large unsightly globs.
Hence the origin of the term, “She looks like such a mess”

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I’d use a melon-baller for that purpose. The scoop holds more and the hole is a consistent size permitting detailed drizzle patterns. Also it is easy to clean.

Seriously, what is the point of that wood thing?

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The wood thing is what you give your lady after you lick all of the honey off.

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@Adirondackwannabe Got it. Do we let the ants clean up the mess?
That is one of those “special activities” that sound a whole lot better than they are in real life.

Based upon the answers (or lack thereof) it is apparent the collective is as puzzled as I. Yet “The Kitchen Store” insists we all need one – for $8.95.

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@worriedguy Or we could just use the plastic squeeze bottle. Re the ants: Fire ants would provide a little extra thrill.

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Which looks better and/or appealing in a television commerical?

This is why they use the honey dipper.

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@Adirondackwannabe Fire ants add spice to any activity.

@john65pennington You’re right of course, but a close up of a tongue slowly licking a honey laden spoon would do it for me.

The little Plastic Honey Bear squeeze containers work great. But, don’t tell the Kitchen Store they will send someone to your house and…. Wait, Someone is at the door. I’ll be right ba—

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Worriedguy, then everyone would associate honey as a sex object and the FDA would cancel all the honey commercials.

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@john65pennington : No they wouldn’t, they would just market it like they do Viagra and those and charge a lot more for honey. I would probably find my cup of tea much more thrilling.
And guys, from a personal standpoint, I would prefer whipped cream as it cleans up much more easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. Just sayin’.

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@JilltheTooth Duly noted.
He says as he slips his tongue into the layer of warm honey still clinging to the spoon after sweetening his tea.

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So that in 100 years someone will find one and think, “I wonder what this was used for back then.” They’ll never guess what you guys said.

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The honeydipper is just a fanciful hive shaped doo dad, designed more for looks than common utility, kind of like shellfish forks, tomato servers and grapefruit spoons.

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