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What is "the news you need"?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 18th, 2011

Paul Simon wrote: I get the news I need from the weather report. I don’t really identify with that as I am fortunate to live in a nice warm climate. The few days of rain and cold, well, let’s just say I don’t really need to watch the forecast religiously and leave it at that.

But I need my global news. I need to know what’s happening in North America especially. I like (a little) celebrity gossip, especially when it pertains to something of interest to me, like a movie or TV series I had recently seen.

So what news do you need to know? Do you watch the proverbial six o’clock news (I write proverbial because it isn’t always at six – here it’s at eight, e.g. and many places at either seven or nine o’clock)? Do you get updates in your email inbox or keep refreshing a news page? Perhaps you don’t like the news nor care much about it? Maybe you read the newspaper and are happy with only yesterday’s news?

So what’s news?

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My news requirements are pretty limited.
I don’t care about celebrities. (They’re all parasites). I don’t care about sports. (They’re all overpaid entertainers, and degenerates.) (I am generalizing here.)

I do want to know about the weather. Will it snow or not and the expected temp range for tomorrow so I know how much wood to bring in.
If I am playing with options, I want to know what happened in the overseas market as that will often lead the US market.
I want to know about any technology advances or discoveries.
I like to hear about local news – which politician is being investigated for what crime.

I get my news from an RSS feed I set up. I do not have the patience to watch the “proverbial 6:00 news”.

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I look forward to the weekly science section of my newspapers.
And on tv it is football/soccer news that I follow.
Edit: Ah, and I hardly look the news bulletins here, as they have dumbed down the last decade or, more probable, I have gotten more clever ;-).

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I have a channel solely dedicated to sports news that I watch all the time regularly.
As for world /local news, don’t really bother.
There is a strange but compelling urge to watch when some natural disaster occurs though, don’t know why.

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I read the paper everyday. I get a news summary from the NY Times that I read everyday. I follow Gawker and Huffington Post. And I watch the Ten O’clock news every night, and watch the 5 o’‘clock news if I am home to see it.

I pretty much need a lot of news.

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I wander around several bookmarked sites (I used to use RSS and email but that didn’t work out for me) checking out:

Headlines (usually first thing in the morning to make sure the world didn’t end while I was asleep)
Science & Technology
Government & Politics (mostly US)
International (a couple African states, China, Japan, Russia)
Entertainment (Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy)
Financial (limited)

I cycle through reading and filing for later, pretty much in that order as time permits. In the process I’ll also click just about anything that catches my eye for a quick scan or follow particular stories over time to see how things develop and resolve.

I’m pretty addicted to it unless I’m traveling then it just all goes by the wayside unless a local paper I can read catches my eye. Though keeping up on weekends is sketchy too since we’re usually out and about too much to bother.

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This was all the news I need for today. It balances out the depressing stuff. (Although I did need a hanky).

And I was hoping for a way to insinuate this to the collective.

A Computer Project regarding the Hallejulah Chorus from a village in Alaska

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Here’s some news I follow on a regular basis:

Film box office numbers (for both mainstream and indie films)
Upcoming new films
actress Winona Ryder
Humanitarian actions and innovations
Thoroughbred horse racing
Sports – LOUISVILLE CARDINALS B & F, Chicago Cubs, Seattle Seahawks
Music – OneRepublic, Guster, Enya, Switchfoot and rock legend info
Books – Stephen King, short story writers

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Local ABC morning news starting at 6am, along with the first half hour of Good Morning America (anything after the first half hour is celebrity gossip or missing American blond woman in Aruba. I’m really not interested in that).

Local news gives me a nice mixture of local and world news, along with our ever changing weather patterns here in the Midwest (I plan my day according to the weather).

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I have some news sites I visit regularly, to keep up with whatever bullshit’s going on. Not into celebrity gossip at all, but it seems to get shoved in my face so many times. Fuck Yahoo.

Sites work fine though. They provide the all around news. Watching it on TV, well I don’t ever watch TV. I don’t even have cable. And reading the newspaper, maybe on the weekend, when I don’t have to dart off to class. But even then, eh. It’s much faster and more accessible on the web, plus you always have the option to check out countless links if you’re wanting more info about something.

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@jonsblond So you know what Simon is on about…

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@zensky I do. When you work outside or need to send your kids off to school and the weather can change drastically in 30 minutes, you need to be prepared. I also find weather extremes exciting. I would hate to live in San Diego, as beautiful as it is. Partly cloudy and 70s every day is too boring for me. ;)

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How about mostly sunny, a little rain in the winter. That’s what I got. :-)

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I need the local news and local traffic updates first and foremost. I check the international news at least once a day and the national news a few times a day.

I, too, like a bit of celebrity news as it can sometimes be light relief in amongst the depressing news.

It’s very rare that I watch the news on TV. I usually get it from the BBC website and local news sites. I check the weather on my phone in the morning but this time of year our weather is pretty predictable.

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