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Is it true members of the EU Parliament collect an annual salary of over 200,000 € for little work?

Asked by silentwanderer (60points) November 18th, 2011

There is a video on Youtube circulating that members of the European Union Parliament collect huge salaries with other monies that is possibly near 300,000 € annually while doing little work except checking in. Is this true?

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Taken directly from Wikipedia:

Until 2009, MEPs were paid (by their own Member State) exactly the same salary as a member of the lower House of their own national parliament. As a result, there was a wide range of salaries in the European Parliament. In 2002, Italian MEPs earned €130,000, while Spanish MEPs earned less than a quarter of that at €32,000.

However, in July 2005 the Council agreed to a single statute for all MEPs, following a proposal by the Parliament. Thus, since the 2009 elections, all MEPs receive a basic yearly salary of 38.5% of a European Court judge’s salary – being around €84,000. This represents a pay-cut for MEPs from some member states (e.g. Italy, Germany, and Austria), a rise for others (particularly the low-paid Eastern European Members) and status quo for those from the United Kingdom (depending on the euro-pound exchange rate). The much-criticised expenses arrangements were also partially reformed.

I seriously doubt all they do is just ‘check in’.

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They are mostly also in all kinds of committees that research things the parliament has to vote on. If you’re on Twitter, I can advice you to follow an MEP for a while to see what they’re up to. (Also, an MP of your country so you can compare.)

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No, it is not true, especially not these times (bad economical situation)
They earn amounts similar to those, erned by casual politics, maybe a bit more, but for sure not more than 200 000 euro.
Every person who works as politician has to public his financial statement, so it is possible to check it.

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No. It’s common propaganda.

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