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How to become CEO or president of your own company?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) November 19th, 2011

Do you just say, “hey I think I’ll make myself CEO or president since it’s my company.”

Is there a special process to this or do you just appoint yourself?

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You start your own company. Then, you are the president/CEO/grand poobah.

If you eventually have a board of directors and sell stock to the public, it’s a little trickier.

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In 1894 my paternal grandfather, with the help of two friends, invented the push-button automatic opening umbrella frame. Patent

That enabled him to start a modest little mom-and-pop (or pop-and-sons) manufacturing business which eventually diversified and grew until it went public on the then American Stock Exchange.

After my grandfather hung up his boots, my father took over his position as president and CEO, because he had the managerial skills. He was also chairman of the board.

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You get a business license, set up a business, register as a corporation, with corporation officers as required, and name yourself CEO.

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That’s really interesting and impressive, @gailcalled.

You can form a Limited Liability Company and name yourself as a manager. It isn’t difficult.

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See Set up a corporation online and be the CEO. Google “corporation setup”. There are other services out there.

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@bkcunningham. In 1894 when that poke-your-eye-out umbrella frame opener was patented, my grandfather was 24 and spoke very little English. He had arrived in NYC from Lithuania in 1888, a step ahead of the Russian army, who would have drafted him.

He sold eye glasses off a goat cart in the midwest for a while, calling himself Professor Finkel (why not). Then he took the money in his pushke and opened a second-hand clothing store on Broadway in Manhattan.

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@gailcalled More more. I want more stories like that. Maybe ask a question about historical family histories?

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