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A pre-paid gas card?

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money, although i really love that pre-paid gas card idea.

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Money. Maybe those American Express Gift cards that he/she can use to buy gas or whatever he wants. If you have a huge budget, i would recommend a laptop since its a necessity for college students

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If it is neeeded – lasik eye surgery. Contacts and glasses are SO expensive for college students. Trips to Europe are a classic. Money of course…

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It would be somewhat helpful if you could share post-graduation plans, would you mind doing that?

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I got my boyfriend a really nice tie & a pair of Vibe Duo headphones for his iPhone. If it’s someone very close or special to me,I like to tail to their specific tastes instead of generalizing with money, although, these days, one can never have too much extra cash.

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I’m a big fan of books. Dr. Seuss’ whimsical Oh The Places You’ll Go is always a good one, especially for college graduation. For high school graduation, I just ran across a book called Outwitting College Professors. It is written by a highly respected biology professor at the University of Nebraska and is available at and also Another good one for high school graduation is a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond or Linens ‘n Things, so he/she (primarily she) can decorate their dorm room. Perhaps includes some candles with the gift card to get rid of the dorm room smell. :-)

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here are some ideas on the pricier side – depends how much you are willing to spend

-frequent flier miles – enough to take a trip anywhere in the U.S.
-a day at a spa to relax after all the stress of studying for finals
-if they are graduating from high school and heading off to college, a gift certificate to somewhere that sells trendy dorm-room furniture/decorations, like Urban Outfitters.
-if they are graduating from college and heading off to the “real world” – dinner at a nice restaurant in their new city

p.s. love the pre-paid gas card idea, but it reminds me of the movie Reality Bites. Make sure you’re giving a card with an upper limit- remember how Winona Ryder’s character used her dad’s gas card to buy groceries and feed all her roomates for a year? ;)

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