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How much does stress effect diabetes?

Asked by ctimm15 (371points) November 24th, 2011

My grandfather wanted to know if his stress could be effecting his sugar levels?

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A great deal. It has a major effect. Being stressed out makes it hard to control your blood sugar.

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Stress effects all parts of your health and your blood sugar levels are included in that. Stress is never a good thing to have in your life.

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I have diabetes. Stress causes your body to release sugars to help balance out your adrenaline that’s being rushed out because of the tension. In short, yes, stress is horrible for diabetics.

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It would depend on the individual. I think it definitely could be a factor. But, I would not chalk sudden changes in controlling diabetes all up to stress. I would think it would be important to rule out other possibilities if the problem continues.

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i believe so. I’m diabetic.

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Stress has only a minor effect. All major effects come from eating carbohydrates, lack of exercise or inappropriate dosage of insulin.

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I disagree with @mattbrowne. Diabetes, whether type 1, 2 or a different kind, has an extremely individual effect on different people. Meaning one diabetic can’t speak for them all :-p (Also, “major effects” can come from illness, hormonal changes, and numerous other factors.)

When I have gotten really upsetting news, for instance, with all other known variables under control, my blood sugar has gone up to 400. That’s really high.

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