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Who's staying up or getting up at the asscrack of dawn and going shopping?

Asked by Jude (32185points) November 24th, 2011

You’re all nuts. Nuts, you hear? ;)

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Not me! I can’t stand shopping, especially when it’s crowded.
I hope you nutty folks enjoy it.

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It is stupid to spend 4 hours waiting in line to save 30 bucks. I can make more mowing my neighbors lawns.

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I guess that if I still had young children, that I might consider getting up early and fighting the crowds. Since they are grown and gone, I plan on snoozing until whenever.

After 44 years, I think I deserve it.

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I will wake at the crack of dawn…., to work.
Although 8.15 is not really asscrack dawn.

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Oh, hell no!

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Not me. Never have. Never will.>(

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I would just like to say that, asscrack of dawn was some funny ass business. :)

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Nope. If I get up early it will be to pee and Fluther.

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My husband is getting up around 8 am to make the rounds and see if he can find some bargains, but no line camping for him.

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Not me. I’ll get up early because I have company and to pee and Fluther. :-)

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What would you call it if you were fluthering and peeing at the same time? Fleeputhering?

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Another ” never have, never will.”

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