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Where will you be at 12:01am on November 25, 2011?

Asked by Ela (6496points) November 24th, 2011

Will you be working and trying to stay awake or shopping and fighting the crowds for a certain treasure? at home snuggling with your sweetie or bunking down in a guest room trying to get comfy in a strange bed? will you be with someone special making memories, or by yourself watching late night tv? will you be up late chatting with friends and family or on the road, driving home with a full belly?
Where will you be at 12:01am on Black Friday?

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I’ll be right here, finally getting some me time after a full, fun day.

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I’ll be on Facebook playing bingo and other games.

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I plan on smoking some weed and playing some Asphalt 6. Then I will see how turkey works in a burrito. After that I will wake up with turkey and sour cream all over my bed.

My life is like a episode of Entourage with less sex.

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I’ll be asleep in bed preparing for a long day at work. Then, I’ll be at the mall from 10am to 6:30pm trying to sell as much crap as I can.

If there is any mercy in your souls, you will all avoid malls like the plague tomorrow.

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I’ll be in bed, dreaming about axes and zombies, probably.

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In bed, alone. I live a very boring life.

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@chyna Me, too. Wanna trade pillows for the night?

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I’m high.. Off to crash cars in a video game. Happy fucking holidays!!!

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@Symbeline Sure, a pillow swap is almost like a sleep over!

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On my way home, stood in front of a BestBuy and saw about 20 people in line. Hmm, maybe I could do the 3 hour wait and get somethin I don’t really need but well discounted…


I’ll be editing some home videos in iMovie and Fluthering at 12:05 am.

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Boring ol’ me, in bed soon. Tired Tooth, needs to sleep.

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@chyna We should invite @JilltheTooth to come pillow swapping with us. ^^

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Yes! Yes! Invite me! Invite me!

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You’re totally invited. So many pillows everywhere!

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@JilltheTooth is invited! I love this pillow swap.

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I will probably be watching re-runs of The Nanny with the kitty that I’m babysitting.

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Well, I’ll be up for my annual midnight snack; a sandwich made from all the leftovers of Thanksgiving.
After, I’m hoping to participate in the pillow swap that seems to be forming…

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Right here and in bed, long day.

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I won’t be in line, I’ll be on line, lolololo

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@Michael_Huntington LMFAO

The ending lolololo was SO on cue lmao. XD

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At home in bed.

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I was asleep.

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At home. I would rather get a root canal than deal with hundreds of idiots who just froze there ass on line outside to rush in and find a few items on sale. No thanks. Sure you save a few bucks, but you won’t save your dignity, patience, or sanity.

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That’s what time it is right now, and I’m in bed watching Letterman and Fluthering.

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It’s 12:05 and I’m Fluthering as foretold by my earlier post. Hee hee : )

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I don’t engage in Black Fridayering. I don’t like being at malls and the like anytime, ever, least of when in the company of a massive number people, strangers, who would rather shop than spend precious time with their friends and family, sleep, watch a movie or just about anything else, in their time off. Even if I didn’t have friends and family I would rather sleep or watch a movie, I would actually rather have my eyes poked out than to shop on Thanksgiving after midnight or on Black Friday.

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I was trying to find a working UK proxy so I can watch things on the BBC iplayer. unsuccessful

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In my bed.
Screw Black Friday.

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Watching the last 6 episodes of season 4 Breaking Bad with my sons and husband.

I’m gonna miss Gus. :/

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I haven’t seen Season 3 yet. I recorded all Season 4, but I am waiting for the S3 to be shown again on Foxtel.

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oops. Gus is ok. not. lol

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I was in bed.

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I was playing Hand and Foot with two of my very best friends in the world. They just taught my husband and me how to play and it is really a lot of fun. We stayed up until 2:30 a.m. playing and laughing and talking. The old fogies are still in bed. I guess they can’t hang with me.

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I was in bed watching Letterman like jca I didn’t even eat much for Thanksgiving but I was soooo tired afterwards. I would not give up the chance to sleep late for Black Friday madness! No, never!!! I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 almost every day.

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I was on Fluther and talking to my sweetie about how crazy Black Friday is.

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@bkcunningham What on earth is Hand and Foot? It sounds really kinky.

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@Kardamom, it is a card game. There were four of us playing and we used six decks of standard playing cards, including the jokers.

Each player deals themselves two hands of eleven cards. Each player passes one of the group of 11 cards to the player on their left and keeps one for themself. The passed group of cards becomes each players “foot” and the 11 cards you keep are your “hand.”

When you play your hand (of 11 cards), you then start using your foot (the other 11 cards which were passed to you.) I’ve heard some people play Hand, Foot and Knee. LOL We haven’t tried that one yet. It was easy to learn and was really fun.

There are variations on the game like how many decks and how many cards are dealt. The concept is pretty much the same though.

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