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Could crooked teeth be attractive on women?

Asked by Earthflag (549points) November 25th, 2011

A butterfly teeth is when the front teeth are crooked, making a slight upside down “V” shape. When I look at girls with crooked teeth, I think if the teeth looks healthy, it overall looks attractive!

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Yes, it can be attractive. But it’s still a personal preference, so everyone won’t find it attractive.

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Depends on her personality.

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I can’t imagine it looking attractive but sometimes my imagination just isn’t good enough.

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I love perfect teeth on guys, it’s just so sexy. Especially when they’re so white. Aah.

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Perfect teeth that are like chunks of brilliantly white porcelain are not attractive to me. There is something a little intimidating about them. I prefer teeth that are a little flawed and a squint tooth can be very endearing in a woman.

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Not to me.

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I love crooked teeth.

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I read somewhere that in Japan, people pay big money to get crooked teeth. it’s some new procedure.

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Gives ya character. :)

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If the teeth are clean and healthy, I really couldn’t give a rats. Models have made fortunes out of having big gaps between their teeth and the like. Sometimes, beauty is in the imperfections.

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Men learn to love the unique features of the woman they love for a host of reasons unrelated to their appearance.

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Adds character to your mouth.

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My ex thought Jewel’s crooked teeth were sexy.

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I’ve always thought a toothless mouth on a woman would be an ideal home for a penis!!
Err, I dunno, maybe.

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Yes, it could be attractive. As others have said, Jewel is gorgeous and she has crooked teeth.

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