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Are there any quick, reliable methods for setting someone's clothes on fire? Please see details.

Asked by Nullo (22009points) November 25th, 2011

Preferably at distances slightly greater than the reach of one’s arm.
No, I’m not planning on trying it out. :D

I’m writing a short, somewhat comical story (personal amusement, it’ll never see the murky light of the interwebs) where, at one point, our hero thwarts his own kidnapping by setting his kidnappers’ clothes on fire and running off while they run around in a panic.
Earlier versions involved a flare gun, but I kind of get the feeling that point-blank flaregunning would be more lethal than what I have in mind. I want the “Zomg-I’m-burning-ow-crap” that’s in the second panel of this strip, only with more MacGuyver and less plasma cannon.

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Alcohol does funny things ;)

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Who here is incredibly relieved to hear that you aren’t planning on using this method to deal with a painful breakup? I know I am.

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How about some cooking sherry and a pastry torch?

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Fill your mouth with booze from a flask. Blow booze from mouth past a lighter in your hand.

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Lighting and throwing a match.
Rip off the head of a match and squeeze it between the matchbook cover and the flint. Then snap your fingers and the match head will fly.

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In the movie Cape Fear, a girl throws alcohol or lighter fluid (can’t remember) on her kidnapper just as he is lighting up a cigarette.

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@Mariah Wow, that’s pretty badass. :D

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Tequila, fire and a shot of lime for drama

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Build up a day’s worth of gas, turn your back on the kidnapper, let it all out and light it.

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Take a can of flammable liquid and hold a lighter in front of it. Instant blowtorch. Because the propellant in most cans of air freshener are flammable, almost any can will do ya.

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I agree with @cazzie . My sons, the pyros, showed me the old hairspray and lighter trick a few times.

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