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Will fluther bind a book of questions and answers I select?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) November 29th, 2011

Let’s say I select a group of questions and answers and want them in a nice leatherbound compilation volume set.

Then will Fluther provide me with that? Tanks…

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We’ve discussed the idea before, actually. If the site ever ‘closes its doors’ for good, we’d try to set up some kind of deal with a publish-on-demand supplier. That way, you could print a book of all your questions and answers (I have no idea if there would be a way to only print selected ones). The cost of the book would be on the member, though.

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@augustlan Whoa, really? That sounds cool. I’d buy a book like that. But it might get awkward, right? Some people have so many answers and questions, the book would get really big…still, cool.

That would be funny if like, someone gets a book like that from here, and 2000 years later, people find it and think it’s a bible of some sort. And then everyone would start worshiping ’‘Fluther’’ lol.

Unless I made a book and they found mine, and read this answer…they’d be like, we’ve been had!

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I had never thought of that. It’s a good idea though.
And yes, we should leave this conversation out of it lol.

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Tanks for the mammaries.

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Lol bewb jokes.

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A physical book? How quaint… and useless. I’d love a digital copy of what I’ve asked and answered.

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Would the book of Fluther look something like this? :)

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That was funny.

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