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Have you ever turned out to be just totally, stupidly, and absolutely thoroughly wrong and mistaken about something you only heard about?

Asked by lillycoyote (24835points) November 29th, 2011

Idiot here! For the longest time I heard about tiramisu, heard the word and I just always, for some reason, imagined it as some kind of sushi. Well, it does sort of sound like some kind of sushi, don’t you think… maybe, just a little bit? And then one year someone brought a tiramisu to a potluck at work, and lo and behold, surprise! Tiramisu turned out to be some damn Italian cake!


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In a college class I repeatedly pronounced Sigmund Freud’s name as “Frood.”

I knew that everyone pronounced it like “Froid,” but for some reason I thought it was a common misconception (like how people often say “Des-Car-Tes” instead of “Day-Cart”), and that it was actually supposed to be pronounced Frood.

Turns out I got the Frood pronunciation from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

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@Qingu Great story. When I was young we had a study/library in our house. I did school work and listened to the radio (Jack Armstrong, Captain Midnight, Little Orphan Annie, etc.
One of the books on the shelf that caught my eye had a title written on two lines, one below the other which I pronounced Yooly sez. Years later, Surprise! I was never able to read the book,

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@Qingu Yes, great story and kudos for being willing to confess it here. :-)

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I got some arguments mixed up earlier on Fluther and stated christmas wasn’t religious at all, when it actually turned out…. Lol!

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@Sunny2 Portrait of the Artist as a Young NItwit? Is that what your getting at? LOL. I’ve so been there. :-)

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@Blackberry This is the fluther confessional! Let it all out! Thank you. We’re not stupid people, we’re just people who do stupid things sometimes. That’s my theory. :-)

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Someone told me that Lady Gaga was Cindi Lauper’s daughter and I believed it.

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NIce try @ratboy, but I’m not buying it. Try again.

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@lillycoyote—why would anyone question my credulity? I believe as effortlessly as other people breathe. On my worst day, I can believe contradictions without breaking a sweat.

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I pronounced ‘hors d’oeuvre’ Hors De Ouve Ray. My boss couldn’t stop laughing. It was cool though. I can laugh at myself.

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Because I didn’t read it in 9th grade, and instead had a friend tell me the synopsis, I wrote a paper on Oedipus Wrecks. My English teacher figured I was being “delightfully sardonic” and gave me extra points for my cleverness. Sorry, Mrs. P, your faith was misplaced, I was just being a lazy idiot.

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’‘some damn Italian cake’’ lmao. You always make my nights. :D

I’m never wrong about anything, because I’m awesome.

Actually that’s bullshit. I just don’t have any specific examples, but I know I’ve been stupidly wrong plenty of times. Mostly, I just wanted to comment on ’‘some damn Italian cake’’. :)

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