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Is there such a signalling device as this?

Asked by Nullo (22012points) November 29th, 2011

I’m looking for a buzzer that would go off in response to a radio signal – a sort of wireless doorbell.
I spend a lot of time on the basement computer, which is sufficiently isolated that, with a game or movie on, I can’t hear people calling for me. This occasionally results in missed dinners, missed guests, and much irritation on all sides.
I was thinking of possible solutions today, and came up with an idea for the above buzzer. While I think I would have great fun learning how to make such a thing from Radio Shack parts, it would be quicker and probably more effective to buy an existing product that did the same thing.

Imagine a device rather like a nightlight, only the switch would be activated by a receiver and instead of light, you would get sound; the whole unit would plug into a power outlet. The transmitter would be in another unit, stuck in a different outlet, and would have a manual switch.

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Dog just showed me this last night. You could hang it on the inside of your door and set it to call you when someone knocks. The vibrations from the knocking should be enough to set off the accelerometer.

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I have a wireless doorbell on my house. I got it from Cabela’s. Both the transmitter and the reciever are battery operated. You can mount it with screws on the frame next to your door and put the inside part next to your computer.

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I think there are a lot of things on the market that might suit your needs but can you clarify what kinds of things you might want to initiate the signal or notification? You mention that you miss guests, miss dinners, Do you just just want a doorbell that would notify you if someone is at your door? Do you want someone in your house to be able to signal you in the basement? There are doorbells, intercom systems and good old fashioned yelling and/or smacking you on the back of your head to get your attention systems available. What activities do or might you want this wireless system to notify you of or be activated by?

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How about a pair of plug-in intercoms. They work through the power line.

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Our doorbells are wireless, they plug into the outlet and I guess the butotn is on the grid.

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