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Can you think of household items that are going by way of the T-Rex?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) November 30th, 2011

When I think about it, there are many items in a home that hasn’t changed much over the years, yet people still use them religiously. There are some items on their way out, and to see one is rare, then there are those items you just don’t see anymore. When was the last time you seen an answering machine, tube TV, CTR monitor, a corded phone, rack stereo system, typewriter, or a bathroom scale that wasn’t digital, etc? You don’t see wire clothes hangers anymore. You still see toasters, lawn mowers, vacuums, fans, washer and dryer, etc, and they have not radically changed at all. What have you seen, that you believe will be done away with in the next 20 years or so?

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A home phone of any sort. 99% of us will just rely on their own cellphone.

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Desktop computers – as laptops become more and more powerful, the advantages of a Desktop become fewer and fewer.
DVD players – they’ll eventually be replaced by BluRay players
BluRay players – they’ll eventually be replaced by all digital content (Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu, etc)
Ethernet cables – everything will be wireless, very shortly.
Light switches – everything will eventually be tied to an all-digital system, where the lights will be turned on via a computer or touchpads mounted on the wall

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@MrItty “the lights will be turned on via a computer or touchpads”

Or via voice control.

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Please accept this invitation to visit my mother’s house. She has:
– A record player (yes, for round plastic discs)
– Non-digital body weight scales
– Hair rollers
– A pink case with a hair dryer bonnet in it. It has a little duct for adding perfume that gets heated during use to make hair smell lovely.
– A Hot Point refrigerator similar to this
– A wall-mounted, hand-cranked can opener. It also came with a hand-cranked juicer that also mounts into the holder.
– A coffee percolator
– A camera that uses film
– A hand-cranked ice cream maker
– An outdoor thermometer mounted in the kitchen that has a liquid that works like mercury
– A very basic charcoal grill
– A manual typewriter
– A rake (vs. leaf-blower)
– A garden hose and old-fashioned sprinkler vs. an automated irrigation system
– There used to be a manual lawn mower, but a family member must have taken it since she hired a lawn care service.
– Watches that do not run on batteries

There are probably more. While a few of them are no longer used, all are in working condition. I have her old landline phone in my bedroom. My brother has the grandparents’ old television console from when Grammy passed away in ‘74.

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I own two VCR’s, a cord phone and an answering machine. However, the machine and VCR’s aren’t in use. :/ But the phone is very much in use. It’s old enough that it doesn’t even have a display window.
I do have a working pendulum clock on the kitchen wall. Got it at a yard sale for like 30 bucks. I guess that’s not common at all anymore, hasn’t been forever, and mine is there to decorate, rather than because I need it to tell time. Still, I like hearing the tick tock sound. It can gong at every hour too, but I disabled that (by unhooking the gong mechanism, not by clicking something XD) so I wouldn’t wake up the neighbors. And myself. It’s actually really damn loud.
So, I guess that’s one thing…let’s see, what else…you know what I never see anywhere? Dish drying sets. That rubber carpet with the rack, formed to place dishes, cups and utensils. Even for people who don’t have dish washing machines, (like myself) I don’t seem to ever see any of these anymore. I just put towels on the counter and place everything there haha.

Also not really a household item, but pagers are obsolete.

Also, giant slurpee cups. I like those. But they don’t seem to exist anymore.

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