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Do you name your electronic devices?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) July 2nd, 2008

a) What are some examples?

b) What should I name my new iPod touch? my last iPod was “Hiro”

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Only when they break down.

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I name my computers, that is about it. My iPods are without names.

I am typing this on Heidi.

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Yes, I named my iPhone Sophie. I’m not sure what I’m going to call my new iPhone, though but it has to be different and most likely a girl name. And I named my car Hulk because its green and its a Honda Element.

Oh, I named my laptop Harry Potter because its a HP but I hate it so I never “talk” to it anymore. I need a mac sooo bad….

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I named my first iPod, the iPod Mini, Jamal.

I’ve never named an electronic since.

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My cousin always did. She named her video camera Qurby, and she named her quad Tobby. And a couple of other things.

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I’m afraid I don’t like any of my electronic devices well enough to name them.

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I give them possessive names! Erich’s iPhone, Erich’s iPod Shuffle, Toshea’s laptop, and Erich’s laptop! That’s as far as I go with that!

When I had my Motorola Slivr, my Bluetooth name was Chartreuse Incisor! Get it, Blue tooth; Chartreuse Incisor! Pretty lame, huh!

Chartreuse is not blue, and the Incisor is not just any old tooth!

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So I went with Locutus. Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s name when he was assimilated into the Borg Collective

anyway, to answer my own question:

My iMac is Red Queen from Resident Evil

My PC is H.A.L. 9000 from 200:1 A Space Odyssey

My Canon Powershot is still being decided from a burst of procrastination

My old camera was Garrett Wang he played Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek Voyager

My external Hard drive is Dorian from Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Grey”

My printer is Palahniuk after Chuck Palahniuk, author of “choke” and “Fight Club”

My fridge is named Herbert, but sometimes it wheezes, so I call it Darth Herbert

and when I get my MBP i’m naming her GLaDOS from Portal

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There’s seriously something wrong about naming electronics.. ehkk.

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I named my car? Her name is Jessica.

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I named my ‘55 Bel-Air, Christine, because it has tried to run me over on three separate occasions!

Anybody on Fluther looking to by an all original ‘55 Chevy?

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I only name computers, with a bit of overlap with shockvalue. I’ve had HAL, EPICAC (the computer from a Vonnegut short story in Welcome to the Monkey House), Hiro (Snowcrash), The Memory Palace (A Bruce Sterling reference), The Construct (a Matrix reference). Recently, I’ve taken to naming them for dreams. Mingulay, because I want to go there with my love. And FarmHouse, because I want to live in one with her too.

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I think I’ve inadvertently named my iPhone This Goddamn thing! I’ve noticed myself calling it by name when it “corrects” what I’m writing. Also when the network is so GD slow and on the rare occasion when it locks up. Still, I am in love with This Goddamn thing.

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My first iPods name was cepholopod.

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My iphone is called Juliea.

she is soooooo cute i just love her to bits

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oh and osullivanbr iphone is called Bobby him and Juliea are soooooooo in love.

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I thought this question was dumb until I realized that I’ve always called it “My Pod” and now I call it “The Internet in My Pocket”. But that’s not the same as calling it, like, George.

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i tend to give devices shorter names, but no names of their own i think…

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I’ve only named my iPod, and I named it in case I die after the album by Architecture in Helsinki “In Case We Die”

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I have a strange habit of naming my electronic devices after Old Testament Biblical figures…

My iPhone is Miriam, desktop 1 is Moses, Desktop 2 is Abraham, laptop is Yocheved, iPod is Isaac

I’m going to break from that when I name my new car, my current one was named Black Thunder by my friends, and it kind of stuck… (I drive a black Explorer)

I also need to find a name for my new iPhone, not to say I don’t love Miriam, I’ll make sure she goes to a good home.

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My cars, the first was Salvatore, and the actual one is lil’ Giorgio

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Oh god, I’ve been having such a hard time naming my car… it’s a 1961 Ford Falcon.

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@Shock; call it Raptor Senior.

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Are none of you ladies going to mention your….back massagers? That’s the only electronic device I’d consider naming.

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I was wondering when someone would mention the… Back massagers…

A female friend of mine named hers Sparticus…

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Hahahahahahaha. Sparticus. I like that one.

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My PowerBook is called ‘Lappy’ (pathetic naming skills I know) and my iPod Touch is called Ralph. My phone used to be called Juan but Juan died…

I think i’ll name my iMac Jonas.

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Ive named every ramp, funbox, and raiI I have built to skateboard. There was Scoops the launch ramp, Malimar the funbox and Red the red rail.

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I call my Blackberry the “Piece of Worthless Shit,” but I don’t think that would be in the nature of a name…more of a recognition of attribute.

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I like to name my external drives interesting names such as Hermes (my small passport drive) and Fat Albert (my 1TB drive). Even my airport name is called Aether, which interestingly enough, was the material that was thought to make up all of space, a material in which light and cosmic rays passed though but has since been disproven. I still like the idea though.

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@dance: And I love the use of the diphthong.

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My computer is called Leopard

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Oh, my zip drive is named Tocks.

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when i first got my wii i named it little wii because you need to name it when you set it up. Lately ive been calling it little fu**er because the remotes keep turning off by themselves and the videos keep skipping. I still love my little fu**er though, it just doesnt love me

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I named my iPod touch Marjorie and my iPod classic Wallace.

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I updated to a new “workberry,” and it’s waaaaay better than the old one. I’ve nicknamed it “Please Stop,” because according to the department, I say that to it all day long.
(Bzzzz bzzzz)

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Yep – I never every computer I have after a philosopher. So far, I’ve had Plato, Archimedes, Lao-Tzu, and Sartre. My iPod Touch is named Nietzchse.

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The only device or object that I have ever named in my wet/dry shop vac. His name is Zack (the Vac) and I only named it because one day I was using it and looked down and noticed that the lid of the vacuum has a “face” complete, eyes, a nose and even ears (the clips that fasten the top to the rest of the vacuum are his ears). As soon as I realized he had a face I thought “he” should have a name.

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I just got a new laptop; named him Tesla :)

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I named my computer Powerful Lover!

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Every computer and device on a local network has to have a unique name. Most operating systems insist on being given a name when they’re installed. So yes.

Response moderated (Writing Standards)
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Can I use language like that on here? The modem for example (which belongs to Time Warner – that’s important, so pay attention) is simply called, “you sonofabitch” while the DVR (which also belongs to Time Warner) is “you mother*******g piece of s***” because it always seems to develop problems at the wrong time. Remember, both of those are Time Warner items, hence the somewhat nasty names.

My new car, on the other hand has yet to be named although since it’s a Mustang, I’m thinking of calling it “Sally” after the old song “Mustang Sally” which I assume someone on here besides me remembers.

My alarm clock because it always goes off at the wrong time and wakes me up to go to work during the school year is simply known as “dammit” which seems to be sufficient.

And the computer, since its equipped with Windows Vista is called just about every name in the book – none of which are complimentary since Vista is the world’s worst operating system and is Microsoft’s joke on the world.

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