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If you were a place, what place would you be?

Asked by digitalimpression (9910points) December 1st, 2011

Suppose you were a calm, relaxing beach on some island, or a bustling city. What place would you be?

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An enchanted forest

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I would be near the ocean, warm weather all year. Daytime is lazy and calm with great restaurants and lots of al fresco seating. Nighttime is dance clubs and open plazas for meeting with people and socializing.

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A vast, grassy plain full of flowers under a warm, sunny sky.

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I’m a haunted house, or an abandoned mall. A bed. Nighty nights yall. :)

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The sewers where all the junkies hang out.

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I’m the kick ass tavern that’s your home away from home.

for all of you teetotalers, i’m the place all your drinking friends have fun at when you’re not around

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I am a beach house, overlooking the Pacific and watching the tide roll in and out and sun rise each morning. Sometimes dolphins come and play in the ocean in front of my windows. Dogs and their owners come running along passed me quite often too. I like to watch children like to play in the sand and make sand castles and to hear their delighted squeals.

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An adult video booth in NYC. Come one, come all…

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I would be Pluto.

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An estuary.

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Well actually prior to my current form I was just a cloud of dust from super nova somewhere, so that would be cool to be that again, it’ll take 6 billion years but yeah.

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I’m a carnival with rides abutting a quiet park with lots of trees and a waterfall. You can hear the sounds of the carnival in the distance. The weather is warm, and you can hear thunder threatening from afar. I like that sound, but worry I’ll get wet.
wow, I’m revealing a lot

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A fireplace, “looking for some hot stuff baby this evening…....”

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Moosejaw, Saskatchewan

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Lake Waikaremoana, New Zealand.

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I am Blondesjon’s barstool. I think I’d prefer to be Jonsblonde’s barstool but either will suffice

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A well funded, unnamed laboratory.

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I rethunk my answer. I’d love to be either of Blondes bar stools but I’m afraid what would happen if they weren’t there. Fat drunk bikers bar stool? Uh, no. So, therefore, I want to be St. Pete Beach.

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I’d be an grassy field in the valley of majestic mountains; and I’d have a large Ferris Wheel in the middle. Sounds like @Sunny2 and I were seperated at birth.

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@picante I’ll meet you at the ticket booth.

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@worriedguy Why be unnamed when you could be Strangeways Laboratory, named for Thomas Strangeways Pigg-Strangeways, a real person.

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A funhouse with a lot of confusing mirrors.

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Tons of great answers. I’d be Perth, Australia myself.

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@fundevogel I prefer to fly under the radar surrounded with the odor of mercaptans.

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@worriedguy I suspect that would be funnier if I knew more chemistry. :(

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@worriedguy, you like to smell of garlic? I looked up mercaptans….

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I’d be Fluther, just not as smart. :)

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