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When will the two new AbFam episodes air in the UK and on what channel?

Asked by srmorgan (6735points) December 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Saunders and co. are broadcasting two new episodes of Absolutely Fabulous sometime before Christmas.

I would like to watch them when broadcast. I have access to UK TV through a proxy server in Britain but I don’t know when to watch the broadcasts.

Any information available from any jellies?


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The details seem fuzzy around this, but from what I gather… according to the BBC , it will be 3 episodes. Yet on other sites it only says 2 episodes. As for an air date, this site says it will be on Christmas day.

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According to the Radio Times it will be on at 10pm on Christmas day and lists it as episode 1 of 3. Can’t work out when the other 2 episodes are going to be shown.

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