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Which reluctant jelly is the newest addition to the Fluther mansion?

Asked by TheIntern55 (4260points) December 4th, 2011

Sueanne_Tremendous! Congrats, even though you didn’t want this!

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Congratulations! I haven’t seen you around in ages, but you’re definitely a great addition to the collective, and this is a well-deserved achievement! :-)

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Congrats! I’ve only started seeing your name here in the past week or so. So either you rose to 10K like a neutron out of a quasar, or you’ve just been lurking and growing slowly over the years.

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I recently noticed your posts. Sueanne you are a tremendous part of the fluther collective. Congratulations.

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Congratulations! well done, such an achievement!

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Happy Happy10K!!!!!!

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We’ve been expecting you, fine jelly that you are. Towels are in the hall closet and there’s wine and cheese at 5.

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Since you hate these parties I’ll whisper: Congratulations! You have been missed and I’m glad you are back.

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Congratulations! I just met you over a breakfast of bull testicles and, except for that, I think you’ll make a wonderful castle resident! You can be the cook every February 29th.

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Congratulations. Van harte en geniet ervan. :-)

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Congra10Kulations!! and welcome back!

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Not adding any celebratory words to my buddy who hates wild brawls as much as I do.
OTOH, Milo is sending you 10 lbs of Beluga caviar (minus the bit he snacked on) and a jeroboam of Dom Perignon.

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Congrats. Well deserved.

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Félicitations, @Sueanne_Tremendous! Welcome to the mansion!

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To a real original who has long been part of the Collective, and who has only recently come back. Cheers, I lift my glass to you, @Sueanne_Tremendous!

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Ya came back with a Bang Ms. Tremendous!! Congrats!

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Congo Rats to the Tremendous Contributer!
Let’s take the town and burn it down!

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Congrats Tremendous One!!! : )

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I’m so glad you’ve made your way back. You were one of my favorite people when I got here and kept wishing you would return. YAY! Try to enjoy the party, okay?

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Wow Sueanne, now isn’t this a party! You are an elixir and we celebrate you….

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Tremendous Sueanne!

Mazel Tov on the 10K! Great to have you back!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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10 TREMENDOUS-K cheers! Welcome to the Mansion.

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Well done, you.

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@Suanne_Tremendous, I have also only discovered you recently, and am enjoying your contributions! Congratulations on the 10K!

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Congratulations, Sueanne! I’m so glad you’re back. :D

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I am very glad you are back and active again and a 10K party is the perfect way to celebrate! Congratulations!

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Cheers, and I mean that, from the bottom of my frozen bottom. Yes, left my glass of “Hop Stoopid” ale in the damn barn, and just had to trudge back out to retrieve it.

TREMENDOUS , simply tremendous….and gosh darn it all…don’t leave your beer on the 4th floor balcony of the mansion on a freezing night, we’d like you to keep your typing fingers supple with a good blood supply. :-D

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Congratulations Sueanne! I don’t know you very well but I have enjoyed your participation lately. Enjoy the 10K mansion.

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Woohoo, congratulations Sueanne!!

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I may be a crabby dyke bitch (with a tremendously nice ass, I might add) about these celebrations but I appreciate the nice words. Now get the fuck out of my room.

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Wow, okay… I’ll just put down the rum and chocolate, and back away slowly then, shall I? :P

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Naaa…you can stay WWFC. Anyone with chocolate or tequila can stay.

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Badass!! Truffle?

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What about happy brownies?
Fine, I’ll take my brownies and go home then! ;-)

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Took you long enough! Congrats and welcome to the mansion!

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@Sueanne_Tremendous I don’t have liquor, but I might be able to sneak my mom’s good chocolate to you ;)

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@Sueanne_Tremendous . . .i knew you’d answer . . . softie

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Ahhhhh… Sueanne! Yay! A true original, indeed, and I love it when you pop in to threads. :)

I have a plate of gooey brownies with salted caramel topping with your name on it…

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Don’t mind me… I’m just here for the brownies. I need a little midnight snack.
Hey, Are you gonna eat that?

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I don’t know you very well but hope to see you around more often :)

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