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What question could you ask in Fluther that is boring to you but exciting for other jellies?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26599points) December 4th, 2011

As asked. : )

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Who wants to be one of my sex slaves?

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If you could choose any automobile in the world to own (some one else will pay for it) what would you choose? In fact, I’ll post it.

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Blank, Blank the Jellie above/below you.

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“How do you solve this complicated math equation:”

I don’t actually HAVE one.
I just know that a lot of people are excited by math, where my brain more or less shuts down when I see numbers.

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If you cannot or will not work, how much of other people’s money are you entitled to?

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Most relationship questions.
I’ll answer occasionally if I think I can offer some wisdom, but, I could care less about romantic relationship drama these days.

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I’ve never thought of asking a question that would be boring to ME!

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My husband likes to stare at porn – is it cheating?

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What is the name of your pet(s), how did you choose your pet(s) name?

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Would not the US be great if everyone was all [redacted] [redacted]. There is no way they can accept an honest answer.

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Would you like to participate in a thread where you can force your opinions down people’s throats, bicker & generally whine like a bitch?

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Would you please shoot me in the head?

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@saint Yes. If you can not work you should be thrown on a land fill. Plenty food there. You can dig yourself a cave to live in.

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@Dutchess_III – Good answer ^

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so that’s a Yes? you would shoot me in the head? Thank you so much ,Saint.

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