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Can you make candles whilst pregnant?

Asked by tan235 (877points) December 5th, 2011

I’ve been offered a job helping a candle maker cast candles.
Sounds very romantic but I’m 24 weeks pregnant – I have asked him for the ingredients he uses and if anything is toxic – which I’m assuming it isn’t. Does anyone know if you can make candles whilst pregnant?

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as long as your not eating the candles, you will be go to go

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Where do the raw materials come from? Some of the wicks from China contain lead. Real bad news for the baby.

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Use gloves and if it seems like there are chemicals in the air wear a mask. I think it is safe, but you can take these few precautions so you feel you have done everything possible to stay safe and protect the baby.

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OH! I’d love to have a go at that!

Some of the pigments can be powered, so using a mask is good advice. I know some of them come in melting chip form. If there are fragrances involved, they may make you feel ill. Take plenty of fresh air breaks if the smell gets nauseating. Make sure the wax isn’t heated up to smoking. Depending on what is in the wax, that might bother your breathing.

Generally, there are very few toxins involved in candle making. Taking the usual precautions, like gloves and a mask when needed, you should be fine. You may also want a decently thick apron, in case of splashes, drips or tips.

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