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How do I use PayPal for starting an online business?

Asked by LostInParadise (28378points) December 5th, 2011

I would like to do some moonlighting doing online math tutoring. There are online whiteboards that I could use and I was thinking of using PayPal for handling payments. What I want to know is how I match up client information with PayPal payment information so that I know who owes me what.

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Allll you really need to do is exchange email information. You can send their email an invoice from paypal and they can pay you from the link.

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I get it. I use the email address to refer to the customer. That works out great, because invitations to share whiteboards is done by way of email.

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On PayPal you can send invoices to your clients e-mails who also have PayPal. I don’t know if there is an automatic function per say. But I know you could do it the good old fashion way and jot it down on calender and send out invoices of how much they owe you :D

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If you want to go beyond eBay, and set up your own store with a shopping cart checkout system, you are going to need to contact PayPal, get a PayPal rep assigned, and up a PayPal Pro account. This can be used to process orders just as if you had a full-blown merchant account, and shoppers do not have to be PayPal members in order to purchase using their credit of debit cards. I build Yahoo! Stores and they have full integration into the PayPal Pro processing. Lots of other carts do, as well.

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Thanks, I will look into Yahoo!Stores

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Best of success with your venture.

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